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Nov 25, 2011 02:37 PM

Tocqueville and La Silhouette on Gilt City

Saw offers for Tocqueville and La Silhouette on Gilt City and thought some 'hounds would like to know. Two offers for Tocqueville, one for chef's tasting menu, and the other $60 for $100 worth of food (I went for the latter.) Two offers for La Silhouette as well, brunch for two or lunch for two. I believe the lunch for two was $55 (for two apps, entrees, etc.) and I don't believe there was any restriction as far as what you can choose on the menu. Both good deals, IMO - I hate those "deals" with a set menu or too many restriction on what you can order, which is most of restaurant-related deals.

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  1. I grabbed the tasting menu deal at Tocqueville, good deal if you ask me.