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Tocqueville and La Silhouette on Gilt City

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Saw offers for Tocqueville and La Silhouette on Gilt City and thought some 'hounds would like to know. Two offers for Tocqueville, one for chef's tasting menu, and the other $60 for $100 worth of food (I went for the latter.) Two offers for La Silhouette as well, brunch for two or lunch for two. I believe the lunch for two was $55 (for two apps, entrees, etc.) and I don't believe there was any restriction as far as what you can choose on the menu. Both good deals, IMO - I hate those "deals" with a set menu or too many restriction on what you can order, which is most of restaurant-related deals.

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  1. I grabbed the tasting menu deal at Tocqueville, good deal if you ask me.