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Nov 25, 2011 01:25 PM

Saute Pan - Le Creuset Stainless or Cusinart French Classic

I have accumulated a nice collection of All Clad Cookware.
I am shopping for a large Saute Pan - I have a 3 qt but need a larger one for holiday time.

I cannot afford the All Clad 6Qt - but was considering either Le Creuset Stainless or Cusinart French Classic.

Any recommendations for either of these brands?

Thank you!

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  1. You might find something you like at They have a 5qt Cook's Standard multi-ply for only $71 and change, and many others. I have no experience with any but the All-clad MC2 3qt, which I like very much.

      1. re: will47

        Tramontina is a good choice but I went to Walmart last week and they no longer carry it. Between Le Creuset Stainless and Cuisinart, I would choose Le Creuset.
        I think Calphalon is a good choice.
        Good stainless steel not a bad price.

        1. re: bestcookware

          They don't carry it in all of their stores anymore, but they'll ship it free to any store, or to any Fedex / Kinkos location.
          There's also $1 shipping once the order is over a certain amount (for example, the 10 piece set qualifies).

          The 5.8 qt sauté pan doesn't come in the set, but sells separately for ~ $70, and it's currently in stock.

          I don't know which All-Clad pan the OP was looking at, but it's been on sale for a while for about $160 (with free shipping) at Cutlery and More, so about the same price as the comparable Le Creuset multi-ply stainless, and just a bit more than the Cuisinart one.

      2. Caphalon triply is good. I know Cuisinart MultiClad has a good reputation. Needless to say Tramontina triply is one of the very best value set, but it does appear it is out of stock. I don't know about the new Cuisinart French Classic, and I don't think many people know. As for Le Creuset stainless triply cookware, not many people own them. From the little I heard, they are good. They are slightly pricey.

        1. Hey raplum, I have both the 5qt saute and 5qt casserole fm the Cuisinart MCP and I say buy the MCP and save just a little$$$. Great tools in the Kitchen! Oh in case anyone wants to know,,, the MCP Roasting pan is the Bomb as my daughter says. Great stuff.

          1. The original comment has been removed