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Saute Pan - Le Creuset Stainless or Cusinart French Classic

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I have accumulated a nice collection of All Clad Cookware.
I am shopping for a large Saute Pan - I have a 3 qt but need a larger one for holiday time.

I cannot afford the All Clad 6Qt - but was considering either Le Creuset Stainless or Cusinart French Classic.

Any recommendations for either of these brands?

Thank you!

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  1. You might find something you like at overstock.com. They have a 5qt Cook's Standard multi-ply for only $71 and change, and many others. I have no experience with any but the All-clad MC2 3qt, which I like very much.

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        Tramontina is a good choice but I went to Walmart last week and they no longer carry it. Between Le Creuset Stainless and Cuisinart, I would choose Le Creuset.
        I think Calphalon is a good choice.
        Good stainless steel not a bad price.

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          They don't carry it in all of their stores anymore, but they'll ship it free to any store, or to any Fedex / Kinkos location.
          There's also $1 shipping once the order is over a certain amount (for example, the 10 piece set qualifies).

          The 5.8 qt sauté pan doesn't come in the set, but sells separately for ~ $70, and it's currently in stock.


          I don't know which All-Clad pan the OP was looking at, but it's been on sale for a while for about $160 (with free shipping) at Cutlery and More, so about the same price as the comparable Le Creuset multi-ply stainless, and just a bit more than the Cuisinart one.

      2. Caphalon triply is good. I know Cuisinart MultiClad has a good reputation. Needless to say Tramontina triply is one of the very best value set, but it does appear it is out of stock. I don't know about the new Cuisinart French Classic, and I don't think many people know. As for Le Creuset stainless triply cookware, not many people own them. From the little I heard, they are good. They are slightly pricey.

        1. Hey raplum, I have both the 5qt saute and 5qt casserole fm the Cuisinart MCP and I say buy the MCP and save just a little$$$. Great tools in the Kitchen! Oh in case anyone wants to know,,, the MCP Roasting pan is the Bomb as my daughter says. Great stuff.