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May 15, 2006 06:47 PM

Good ethnic food, deli's near Costa Mesa?

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I'm going to be staying there for a week, and would like some interesting options for anywhere near there... I'll be taking food to go for a hotel bound companion, so I'm looking for take out, mainly. Thanks!

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  1. Jerry's Famous Deli has pretty darned good Kosher with huge portions.

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    1. re: OCAnn

      To each their own, but Jerry's is decidedly not a consensus favorite here.

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        Maybe JErry's is an acquired taste, but I would pass.

      2. I wish I knew of the place... but there's an El Salvadorian restaurant in East Costa Mesa some place near 17th. Great tamales. I'm hoping someone knows the name.

        There's also a Mexican place called Taco Mesa in the same area. I think it's on 17th.

        Sorry I don't know the specifics, but man... these places are good.

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          I think the Salvadorian place you're thinking of may be El Chinaco on 19th:

          El Chinaco
          560 W 19TH St Ste D
          Costa Mesa, CA 92627-5044

          Taco Mesa is also just up the road on 19th:

          Taco Mesa
          647 W 19th St
          Costa Mesa, CA 92627-2715

          And here's another taco place on 19th that I like:

          Taqueria El Granjenal
          899 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA


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            i just found this review of Pupusería San Sivar ad Monster Munching:


            i've been there a couple times (once for the sausage plate and once for pupusas. i like it.

          2. Unfortunately, Kaplan's Deli closed last year, one of my favorites.

            There is Tommy Pastrami that I've enjoyed their pastrami sandwich, but some others have had mixed reviews about it.

            Tommy Pastrami
            3751 S Harbor Blvd
            Santa Ana
            Mon-Fri 6AM-4PM

            Arnie's has a sit-down restaurant, but you can also order to go:

            Arnie's Manhattan Deli
            1660 Dove St
            Newport Beach

            There is also the DePillo Cafe & Deli that I just wrote a review about just a few hours ago. They have BBQ specials every Thursday.

            DePillo Cafe & Deli
            3001 Red Hill Ave, Bldg 1, Suite 108
            Costa Mesa, CA

            A couple of other delis that I've driven by, but haven't been to yet:

            Moscow Deli
            3015 Harbor Blvd
            Costa Mesa
            (presumably Russian deli, next to Pho 99 restaurant)

            Globe Deli
            1928 Harbor Blvd
            Costa Mesa

            As far as ethnic goes, there are lots of Japanese ramen, sushi, and izakaya pubs in the area, with a few Vietnamese places nearby.

            I've read that Habana has good Cuban food, nearby Memphis Cafe has good Cajun/Creole, nearby Onotria has Italian fusion. There is Brazilian BBQ in Irvine at Agoro Churrascaria, French at Chat Noir and Tradition by Pascal, Persian at Ferdussi and Darya.

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              Second on Globe Deli. Good German deli. Good selection of cold cuts, various sausages, smoked or otherwise. Several different kinds of potato salads. They also make sandwiches. A very small area for german groceries.

            2. In my opinion there are no better burritos in So. Cal. than El Toro Bravo, a highly authentic take-out place on 19th St in Costa Mesa. The line is usually long but it moves fast. In the same mini-mall there's also a small Mexican food store, which I believe is run by the same management, for getting sodas etc.

              1. Wow!! Thank you all so much! I have a list going and map ready. I'm especially excited to try the Russian Deli...and pho next door.. *drool*. Thanks so much and keep any more coming, I'm a hungry girl!