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Nov 25, 2011 08:50 AM

The Roosevelt

Finally made it to the Roosevelt the other night and my only disappointment was that it took me so long to go. Great vibe, service, and food. Had the pig's head terrine, fried sugar toads, tile fish, and the panna cotta. My daughter had the pimento cheese/chips, flank steak, and peanut butter pie. We loved all of it. The sugar toads came with friend oysters and calamari, and the batter was perfect. The peanut butter pie is very dense, not the whipped peanut butter I feared. Fish and steak were both prepared perfectly and were very good. I found it very difficult to choose a cocktail; all of them sounded great. The one I had included gin and Cheerwine and was so smooth and delicious. I highly recommend it!!

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  1. glad to hear. haven't been yet.

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    1. eh, I thought it was good, not great. Really nice vibe/decor. I liked the food, didn't love it. I'd go there without a thought if I were in the area, but wouldn't wait an hour for a table.

      Takeaway - good neighborhood spot

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        We ate there last night and your takeaway was the same as ours. Good neighborhood place, but if I'm driving that far into town for dinner, I'll go somewhere else most likely.

        We had the Southern Poutine to start and they forgot the gravy :-( Dh had short ribs, I had the pork cheeks.....both very solid but not memorable. We had reservations and were taken to our table immediately while walk-ins were waiting an hour.

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          So perhaps I'll move it down on my list of places I must go. hmmm... now who needs to be on the list?

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            Arcadia (at 17th & Main in the old Cafe Gutenberg location).

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              Funny. :) That one has been at the top! Thanks.
              Wondered about magpie and pasture and... i just heard about someplace else but now it's left my mind.