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Nov 25, 2011 08:22 AM

Best homemade chips in Montreal?

Where are the best homemade potato chips in Montreal that you can bring back home.

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  1. I have not seen "homemade" chips in Montreal (except sometimes in restaurants or at fairs ).

    1. The closest to homemade chips are the Covered Bridge Old Fashioned Kettle Chips from Nova Scotia .If you get some try the Sweet Potato Chips they are really good. Here is a link to Montreal Stores selling them

      1. The brewpub Reservoir on Duluth makes great chips. I'm not sure if you can bring them home, but they do serve them to you in a paper bag.

        1. Janos has yummy batatas and I suppose if you get takeout, you can bring them home.

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            seconding Janos! I made the mistake of ordering "chips" (what I meant was fries) but it was a happy mistake because they were absolutely delicious! I made a "chip butty" with the bread roll, a bit of butter, and some of that chilli sauce -YUM!

          2. On a good day, the free house-made chips in the Hotel De La Montage bar are dangerously tasty. I think they throw some paper-thin onion in with the potatoes. Don't blame me if you eat a whole bowl. You have to randomly catch them at the right time though, as they can lose the crisp factor on occasion.

            Additionally, the sausage purveyor (forget the name) at JTM in the easternmost entrance outside always has little brown bags of chips in the display case. I've never tried them though, as it would take up valuable lamb-merguez-sample room in my gut.