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Nov 25, 2011 07:14 AM

Grass-fed beef in San Antonio

I'm traveling to San Antonio for Xmas with my in-laws and I'm in charge of the main course for Xmas eve dinner. I'd like to make beef tenderloin, and I'm looking for a really good source for grass-finished, humanely raised beef. A google search turns up a bunch of options, but does anyone have a recommendation for a butcher or ranch that turns out reliably good product?


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  1. HEb's Central Market on Broadway has a terrific butcher sop and should be able to accommodate you.

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      I mean SHOP - I don't know what's wrong with my typing today (too much turkey I think!)

    2. Our HEB in Kerrville carries about two pounds of grassfed beef per week, so you might want to call the recommended HEB to verify before you travel. Better idea: HEB has a Very Good Foodie-Oriented Grocery operation called Central Market. Call them. (Google and get map and call the one nearest your folks' home.) Best suggestion: go online to (us wellness co) and order the cut(s) you want; they are in Monticello, MO and will Fedex to your (temporary) door. I use them: the beef quality is excellent, their practices are impeccable, and they are very accommodating.