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Nov 25, 2011 06:53 AM

Thanksgiving at EMP


Just had Thanksgiving dinner at 11 Madison. What a disappointment! I had eaten here before the change in menu/focus and loved it. But now...for a fixed price of $185 per person (before tax, tip, wine, coffee) we expected a lovely meal with some interest/extras. No, just the four courses listed. No little extras. Worst of all the portions were smaller than Lean Cuisine. The first course of a chicken soup, while good was in a tiny teacup and since it was poured at the table, it was not as hot as it should have been. One small roll while warm as served as a separate course. The second course of pate was the most satisfying course. It was small but tasted very good. No toast or anything was served with it exceot a few shreds if greens.. My main course was the beef...a smaller potion I have never seen. It was good, but hard to eat in more than two bites. It was no larger than a quarter coin. The turkey looked like a small piece of pound cake. It was a small portion of breast meat, cooked sous vide and very salty. Tender, but rather dry. The side vegetables again were ok but in such small servings for three people. They did offer to bring more food and seemed surprised that we said yes, more please. It took quite a while and the offered more side dishes never came but we did get more beef and more turkey. The desert was again salty and tiny. Like the old joke...I didn't like it and the portions were too small. Getting more water was not easy. Lots of service people but we needed to ask for more water, a knife that dropped, more butter,etc. There are quite a few very good restaurants in NYC which we have like so much more than this dinner. At least I did not have to cook, shop, clean up, but next year we will stay home. We are really surprised it got 3 Michelin stars, really surprised.

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010

  1. "Worst of all the portions were smaller than Lean Cuisine."

    Best post-Thanksgiving line yet! lol

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      Had a somewhat similar experience at a different, very nice restaurant this Thanksgiving. Three excellent quarter-sized medallions of turkey. Even in general, tasting portions can be kind of off-putting, but on a holiday that's about indulgence, and with the dish that's supposed to be the centerpiece, it was not what I would have wanted. That said, I didn't have the Annie Hall problem. It was very good food. Just not enough of it.

    2. Wow - that is not what I would expect from EMP.

      1. Wait, I'm confused. They brought you two extra entree courses? There were no amuse offerings? Something isn't right about this post (though it might just be a thanksgiving thing)

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          I found RGR's photos of the Thanksgiving meal at EMP. Looks like other than the gougeres, there were indeed no amuse offerings:

          1. re: Cheeryvisage

            I wouldn't be happy with that Turkey medallion or the meal in those photos for a Thanksgiving.

            1. re: Cheeryvisage

              Funny thing: I'm now looking at the menu from the EMP Thanksgiving Dinner, and it looks fantastic! Many ultra luxe dishes (never seen so many dishes with foie gras/lobster/truffles). No surprise that there was a price increase for the holiday with the luxe items on the menu. And they were giving extra portions too! Sounds like I'll be booking next year's Thanksgiving dinner at EMP (if I can get a reservation).

              1. re: ellenost

                I'll fly in for this - and we'll see if I can convince them seconds, thirds, and fourths are a good idea......though I don't think staying out in Queens like I normally do will be a good idea under such circumstances as I'll slip into a food coma on the LIRR and end up at the end of the line.


                1. re: uhockey

                  Take the 7. That way if you go to the end of the line you'll only end up in Flushing. Dessert and Karaoke!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I had Thanksgiving dinner at EMP two or three years ago (can't be sure other than it was before the change in the menu format), but I do recall that all of the food was excellent and generous portions. Service as always was impeccable.