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Nov 25, 2011 12:36 AM

how to safely can a cream sauce with a pressure canner

I was wondering how I safely can a alfredo sauce. The ingredients are brown butter roasted garlic cream cheese parmesan cracked pepper smoke sea salt. Any reply would be great. My email address is Thanks

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  1. Cream Cheese?????????

    1. I don't think it will can well - the sauce will likely break. Besides, if it is just those 4 ingredients, it would be easy to make from scratch.

      1. Many, many years ago when I was first canning, I asked a similar question elsewhere and was told that the USDA does not recommend canning cream-based foods (including sauces and soups). It is not considered a safe practice. I'm sure you can find the reference somewhere on the their home canning website: I agree with the pp that said it would probably break, anyway.

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          Yes, the USDA doesn't recommend canning anything with a lot of fat in it, because it can come between the seal and the jar and spoil the seal.

        2. This thread looks a bit dodgy

          1. You can't can anything creamy. It won't keep safely.