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Nov 24, 2011 10:23 PM

The American Christmas Table

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can focus on Christmas. As much as I love the Thanksgiving dinner, it is very predictable. Every table will have turkey, some variation of stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc...

In my view Christmas is where America's cultural and ethnic diversity shines. My mom's family used to always have lutefisk and lefsa on Christmas Eve. Christmas day was a production with prime rib, baked potatoes, salads, rolls, and a ton of desserts. I know some Mexican families that get together nd make a ton of tamales, and some Eastern European families that do a ton of pierogies.

What are your Christmas traditions and where do they come from?

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  1. Tourtiere on Christmas Eve, a Mussel and Foie Gras dinner a couple of weeks before Rib Roast and Spoon Bread Christmas night

    1. Polish Christmas eve tradition = the Italian Feast of the 7 meat eaten. Catholic Poles share Oplatek, which is like a communion wafer.

      1. being English we have pretty much the exact same food at Christmas as we had yesterday, so it will be turkey again with all the fixings (no sweet potatoes though and no pecan pie). The Brits have roast potatoes not mashed and of course Christmas pudding with brandy butter and mince pies.

        1. As a kid in KC the family usually substituted a Ham and a Beef Roast for the Turkey. We've continued that in the PNW with the addition of Salmon and Crab if we're lucky.

          1. For me it would tend to be a fish dish, such as hering or carp on Christmas Eve. Either duck, goose, or ham on Christmas day--not so crazy about Turkey. Around Christmas, the season I suppose, potato pancakes.