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Nov 24, 2011 09:00 PM

Has anyone tried a wine called tribunal

Had this over dinner some weeks ago, took a picture of the bottle and have not found it on Vancouver Canada. So I had now idea this wine was from the states and only cost $10, but at my diner it cost $60 a bottle WTF.

Anyway what's your take on this wine?

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  1. It's a Trader Joe's brand wine from Sonoma County. Google: Tribunal Trader Joe's wine.
    You'll see lots of listings. Not sure there is a TJ's in BC, but certainly in Washington State.

    Read more here:

    1. If this topic reveals any of this wine in the SoCal area.... I'm all over it. Great value, rumored to be made by (or with) Dave Phinney or Orin Swift Cellars. I tracked down 2 cases through this board a few months ago, and have been enjoying it a lot. $9.99 is a ridiculously low price for this wine.

      I posted here just so it will come up in my recent posts. Sighting info will be noted gratefully.

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      1. re: Midlife

        We have a very limited quantity of the 2009 Tribunal in a 1.5L format for $16.99 at the Alameda and most other TJ's in Northern CA at the moment (not sure about OR/WA area). I have a few bottles of the 2008, one of which I'm bringing to Mom's for the Holiday steak dinner and I've heard good things about the 2009 although I'm not a fan of the cheap bottle (no punt).

        Here's the "backstory" about this wine as far as I remember:
        3 Sonoma vintners had a competition to see who could most closely reproduce the flavor of Owin Swift's "The Prisoner" and the winner is us because we get to drink something really delicious as a result.

        1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

          Well.................... that's not exactly the same story that got me searching all over for this wine. That said, it's certainly a good value. I don't think I've seen 1.5Ls of anything in our OC TJs.

          1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

            I saw the 1.5 liter at the Toluca Lake (Los Angeles area) store today.

            1. re: Akitist

              My local TJ's says the 1.5Ls of Tribunal came in November 22 and are long gone.

              ANY sightings in the West LA south to San Diego area (50 miles North or South of Irvine?) would be greatly appreciated. This wine is a really good buy.