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Nov 24, 2011 08:49 PM

Are you sick of Granville Island ?

Your Though please?

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  1. The market or the whole place-because GI is larger more diverse & essential place than just the overpriced market.

    Having lived within a 10 minute walk of the place since the week it opened back in another century I've been through various stages of appreciation & rejection.

    In the end like any place familiarity can breed contempt-I think it's best in fall & winter when tourist traffic drops off.


    1. Not at all. I don't get to Vancouver often but when I do it's my first stop. Always find some yummy esoteric thing I have been looking for.

      And I love the vendors.

      1. Is this a straight poll, or are you looking for sympathizers ?

        1. I love Granville Island. However, I do think the market's short order food are could be improved. Considering how food-obsessed this city is, it's odd that the premier food market has rather paltry lunch selections...I'm referring to the crappy Chinese, Mexican, Fish and Chips etc on the north side of the Market Building.

          Also the restaurants in general down there tend to be more chainy and lacking in quality (Cat's Meow, the Keg etc) They could be greatly improved, but maybe there's just not enough night traffic down there to warrant the same restaurants you'd find in nearby Kits or Yaletown.

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          1. re: ambiguoustraveller

            I hate the food court if you wanna call it that, the only good thing is cobs bread. I with you on the restaurants, if I wanna got to the keg GI is not the place for it.

            1. re: ukjason

              Cob's bread?

              I can think of four bakeries on the island with a new one opening soon-none of them is Cob's.

                1. re: ukjason

                  Cobs Bread? You mean Terra Breads?

                  Wow, all you guys are pretty nice on Chowhound ... on other forums this was an opportunity to lay the smack down! Lol. Just joshing, of course.

                2. re: ambiguoustraveller

                  Good points, and I would agree. I'm not referring to the rest of GI, but the food court itself is an underachiever, given the stature of our city and the public market itself. Pike Place Market food vendors blow GIM food vendors out of the water any day.

                  As for restos, I've not been to Edible Canada, but have heard many good things about them:


                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    I've been to Edible once and it was excellent. Will definitely return!
                    I'm not sure how you could get sick of Granville Island. Grab some charcuterie from Oyama and a baguette and just take in the scenery. That's a good day for me.

                3. Nope, not sick of it at all.

                  It is not all great but I focus on the good parts. I enjoy visiting the market as well as other parts of the Island. I live in the West End and it is a nice walk and ferry ride to the Island, so that adds to the enjoyment I get from it.