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Nov 24, 2011 07:53 PM

Looking for a range with a broiler above the rangetop.

When my wife and I lived in Dublin, Ireland, many years ago, our apartment contained a very simple stove which had an open broiler located at the back of the range and raised to eye level. We are looking for a new range and she bemoaning the lack of this feature in all we saw. My wife liked how she could literally watch her flans cook.
Does anyone know if a range on the American side of the Atlantic features this type of broiler?

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  1. You can buy salamander broilers which are designed for eye-level mounting:

        1. re: E_M

          Thanks to all for the help. Checking the prices though, I have decided to retire and devote all my time to the creation of a time machine, which, when complete, will return me to those halcyon days in Dublin. Then, after I find my old landlord, I will offer to buy the stove my wife liked.
          On the other hand, I have enjoyed asking the salesmen at appliance stores about Salamanders.

          1. re: FAFWill

            A simple, inexpensive option might be to install a stainless steel shelf at the desired height and place a good toaster-oven on it.

            1. re: emsny

              That could have worked once, but I hear that the space above the range will be filled with cabinets and a vent. A small toaster over will be placed on a counter near the stove, but it is electric and the wife misses the flames of our Dublin broiler.
              Thanks for the idea though.

          1. re: Robin Joy

            Other than being on its side that would be fine if it were it gas. I fear my wife and I have lost on this wish. I am resigned to be flanless.
            Thanks for the idea though.