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Nov 24, 2011 06:11 PM

Drinking While Food Is In Your Mouth??

Ok, I'd never come across this before, but I recently noticed that both of my ex's parents will take a bite of food (toast, sandwich, potato, meat, etc) and while it's still in their mouth will take a swallow of whatever they're drinking, whether it's coffee, hot chocolate, water, or soda. To me this sounds like the grossest thing in the world!! I first noticed it when his father took a bite of a tuna salad sandwich, and immediately afterwords took a gulp of coffee. I made a (semi) joking comment about it, and he told me that it's a very common practice. The idea of liquid and regular food in your mouth at the same time makes me nauseated and causes my gag reflex to kick in!!! Is it just me being weird, or is this completely normal?

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  1. You can fret about this if you want to waste your brain power. I want to respectfully suggest that you just move on.

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      Oh I know that people will eat the way they want to, I was just curious if it was a common practice that i'd never noticed. I did ramble quite a bit, didn't i? ha

      1. re: kubasd23

        key word... "ex's"
        Yeah, it's weird.
        and yeah, "ex's"

        1. re: wyogal

          oh, I live with them, enter "weirder" don't ask, it's complicated

            1. re: kubasd23

              It's probably more common practice than living with your ex's.;-)

      2. Ya know, I've seen people do this too, and I think it's really weird. I mean, enjoy the food first and then take a sip if you need to. Doesn't drinking while food is still in your mouth ruin the taste? Unless you just don't like what you're eating, I mean.
        In other words, Yes, it is gross Kubasd23!!

        1. lol funny. I only do this with dry food that I can't swallow ha ha. you may be looking for more reasons to hate your ex not sure though, that is a weird practice.

          1. Why is it gross? In one case, you swallow the foods and then drink liquid. In the other case, you swallow the foods with the liquid. You may disagree with its food etiquette, but it is not gross. Think of it this way. Chicken noddle soup. Most people drink the chicken and the noodle along the soup, and do not chew the chicken and noddle in fine bits. There isn't anything too different here.

            I won't say it is a super common practice, but it is not rare.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              But soup is supposed to be eaten that way!

            2. I've seen this too!!! I thought it was me, that I was just being overly sensitive to another's eating habits or erh habits in general. I have to be careful, I am so easily grossed out, and have ruined several meals for myself just by looking around or out a window.

              My own Dad did this. After thinking about it, I realized that my Dad was always rushed and worked very hard and long hours, Time taken for a leisurely lunch or breakfast, just didn't happen. He was always needed, and food was there to give him nourishment and was fuel for his body. The only thing I can think is that the coffee and the food at the same time was like killing two birds with one stone. Caffeine for energy, food for fuel and to sustain.