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Nov 24, 2011 04:58 PM

Turkey temp HELP!!

I cooked my turkey bone in organic turkey breast to 170* and then let it sit covered in foil for 15+ minutes. But then going back for thirds I made a deep cut and the juices looked a bit pink. The meat was all white and quickly adsorbed the juices. Although the texture felt slightly "off" when cutting. The meat was all white and I cooked it for the right amt of time according to the calcs.. I cooked it for about 1.5 hours (i think) at 350 (first 20 mins at 325) basting every 20 mins. It was 7.5lbs and the right temp if not higher as some say cook it to 160 or 165. I then used the drippings as extra cooking.

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  1. We cooked to 180 and before anyone freaks out, it was good, moist, not overdone.

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    1. re: wyogal

      'Good' 'moist' and 'not overdone' can be subjective.

      The dark meat can be pretty good at 180 though, IMO. Trick is to get the dark meat hot enough without overcooking the white meat, where the white meat usually cooks quicker and hotter since most people roast their birds breast side up.

      1. re: cowboyardee

        Yep, subjective. We all loved the turkey today, 3 couples. Used a Big Green Egg, first time. yum.

    2. I never let it go over 165 or it gets too dry. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes after roasting before cutting into it. It sounds like it's fine to eat to me.

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