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Nov 24, 2011 04:57 PM

cooking for vegan's please help

I have a baby shower this saturday and the guest of honour, the one we are having the jack and jill shower for are vegan. We are having a potluck so all of us have to bring a dish or two. I am a meat fish lots of butter and cream, veal stock guy veggies to of course, but this vegan thing got me all in a twist. Could you please suggest one dish that a guy like me would like as well the other 20 guest. I am a more than capable cook with kitchen skills but I'm stumped on the vegan thing.

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  1. What course? I'm not a vegan, but can try to help inspire ideas... Are you thinking sweet or savory, and what course? I believe fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice/grains and some breads are possibilities.

    Are you looking for appetizers or desserts that can be served and eaten in individual portions, by people standing up using their fingers and perhaps a cocktail napkin, with minimal mess? Or will this be a sit down meal where a rice pilaf or fruit compote, for example, could be fine?

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      I wanna make something savoury a main course type of dish, an appetizer could work. Maybe some tofu type of appetizers.

    2. I was a vegan for three years, been an ovo-vegetarian (lactose intolerant) for 9 years.... if you give me a clue what kind of dish you're looking to make I can give you all kinds of ideas

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        Maybe some manifestation of tofu on top of a veggie purée

      2. No reason to get cuter than you have to with tofu, seitan, etc if they're ingredients you're not used to working with. I think a lot of people tend to think in terms of a central portion of protein with garnishes, but that isn't necessarily the best way to think about vegan cooking IMO. I think you're often better off integrating the protein into the rest of the dish when you're cooking vegan.

        Well made red beans and rice is a thing of beauty. To substitute a bit of the meaty flavor that might traditionally come from a bit of ham or sausage in the beans, you can use a little miso paste. It's also very satisfying as a main course.

        A big hearty soup is easy to keep vegan. This is pretty decent recipe, but there are millions of others:
        It's a lot better if you make your own vegetable stock since most of the store-bought veg stock is pretty bad.

        A coconut milk curry (Thai or Indian or off-the-cuff) can be very satisfying. Mixed vegetables, potatoes - whatever you want.

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          coconut milk curry sounds good with veg and tofu

        2. Check out Heidi Swanson's blog: 101 cookbooks! She has a LOT of vegan recipes.

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            also check out i'm no way a vegan but my son has an egg allergy so i end up making a lot of vegan desserts and such...

          2. Rather than thinking about a dish with substitutes for the dairy and meat, why not think about a dish that naturally doesn't have them? Pasta with broccoli, garlic and olive oil. Tomato sauce with onions, peppers and olives over corn polenta made with veg broth. Mashed potatoes with garlic and caramelized onions. Pizza dough with caramelized onions and peppers, topped with arugula. Just think non-dairy vegetarian dishes and you should have lots of options.