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Nov 24, 2011 03:52 PM

What are the bakeware essentials?

Trying to furnish a kitchen and am down to bakeware at this point. Not looking for anything fancy, can pick up stuff at the local restaurant supply store, but just wondering what the essential items I need are?

I have a muffin tin, but what about things like a casserole dish, pie pans, loaf pan, etc? What are the advantages/disadvantages of getting some of those cheap disposable tin pie pans? Any recommendations for items I "need" would be appreciated (including sizes.. ie, 9 or 10 inch pan, etc.)

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  1. :) I think it completely depends what you like to make. For many people a muffin tin is not essential, but it seems you make muffins so it is important for you.

    A baking sheet is almost always essential because it is very universal. In fact, get two. Other than that, it completely depends on what you bake.

    Baking for myself, I like a permanent baking pie pan, but a disposable one is very useful if you want to bring it to a party where you can just leave it there.

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      Agree. I tend to buy pans as I need them.

      I don't consider a casserole dish bakeware, but yes, a basic casserole suitable for the number of people you cook for would be a good basic. I'd choose ceramic or pottery for that, myself.

    2. I'm not a baker per se. So my bakeware needs are very limited. I have one very good roasting pan, with a V rack. I do consider this one essential - but I'm actually not sure that matches "bakeware" per se.

      As to what you "need" ... well ... I wouldn't recommend buying a whole bunch of bakeware for the fun of it. But I do like having 2 cookie trays, for roasting peppers and dinner rolls. And I've got the broiler pan that came with my oven and that's useful now and then.

      1. Two cookie sheets, a 9x13 cake pan, muffin tin, a couple of loaf pans, a springform pan, 2 round layer pans (one 9-inch holds about one cake mix), a pie pan.
        Do you want cookware info, too?

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          I'd add an 8x8 pan to that and be done with it.