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Nov 24, 2011 12:55 PM

Crawfish - Crayfish - Crawdad - Mudbug Recommendations

What do you call them?

Any restaurants in the valley that you recommend?

Are there any local festivals that you would recommend for others to attend?

Have talked about throwing a Crawfish Boil for friends and family for YEARS and have decided to stop talking and start making plans to do it.
- As they are not yet in season, what month is best for a boil?

- What purveyor(s) do you recommend for live USA grown for irport or purveyor pickup or home delivery?

-What is the best size to order for a boil?

- Do you have any boil recipes that you would be willing to share?

- Am planning on brewing an Imperial IPA for the boil...any other beer styles you would recommend?

Lets see..Corn..check..Red Potatoes..check..a band..working on it..any recommendations on where to get andouille sausage?

An I missing anything?

Thank you for reading!

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  1. They're called crawfish and you need to consult the New Orleans board. It is possible to have them flown in from Louisiana, but to get enough for a crawfish boil would be pricy. There, they use a huge pot over a propane burner in the back yard, and the live crawfish must be purged with cornmeal for several days before cooking with lots of Zatarain's carb boil. You may be able to purchase frozen ones in the Valley -- check the Asian markets -- but those should be used in other dishes, not eaten whole, and the flavor will not be very good. Most of those are from China.

    As for andouille sausage, order it from Jacob's in La Place, Louisiana. The shipping costs more than the meat, but it's authentic.

    1. <What do you call them?

      Any restaurants in the valley that you recommend?

      Are there any local festivals that you would recommend for others to attend? >

      I call them crawfish and have seen them live in season at Lee Lee's.

      For a local restaurant, I've heard good things about Flavors of Louisiana in Avondale.

      For festivals, there is the Great Cajun Cook-Off. Usually in November, but changed to the spring.

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        Can't seem to edit my post, but wanted to add another restaurant that I've had on my to-try list when it moved to Peoria - Beauregard. They have a crawfish boil on Saturdays. In fact, I think we're going to check them out later today, thanks for the reminder!

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          Thank you much for the information!

      2. Baby Kay's in Central Phoenix is a really great Cajun place, in the same strip mall/ shopping center as the Trader Joe's and My Sister's Attic. They're not too pricey, and I know they do boils during the crawfish season - they also have a Yelp coupon (if you check-in on Yelp, you get 15% off)

        1. I know your OP was over 2 years ago, but if you haven't done a crawfish boil yet, I urge you to go to & start ordering NOW, son!

          I'm a transplanted Texan with deep ties to Louisiana (my BF grew up in Natchitoches and my other BF currently lives in New Orleans and works in the hospitality industry, so I get good info from them). I could send you to Pappadeaux, but honestly I've never had their boiled crawfish, just their many other delights. We weren't super impressed with Baby Kay's.

          You must do your own crawfish boil! We had a Mardi Gras party a few years ago and our friends are still talking about it.

          Go to Cajun Grocer's website and order tons of stuff, including many of the different varieties of boudin, andouille and other Cajun meat delights. Be sure to get a few boxes of Natchitoches meat pies/crawfish pies and serve em as apps with a great remoulade. Check out Marcelle Bienvenu's recipes for gumbo and other favorites. She is one of the queens of Cajun cooking.

          According to my sources, crawfish season is late this year due to the cold weather they've been having over in the bayou. Cajun Grocer's site offers a wealth of crawfish info.

          Cajun Grocer's prices are very reasonable but their shipping costs are high. When we order, we always order tons of stuff to make it worth the freight. I did notice they had an interesting money saving offer when ordering live crawfish, seems you can select ground shipping for your other food items, and they will send it all expedited with the crawfish. Sounds like a good deal to me!

          For adult beverages, most any beer from Abita will go well with your boil. You also may consider a specialty drink such as the quintessential hurricane.

          Laissez le bon temps rouler!!