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Ramsay shilling for Acura now?


Just saw this commercial while watching football.....

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  1. Well, I find the commercial funny, and certainly, Acura is a very well made and reputable automobile.

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    1. re: David11238

      I thought it was funny too.....I actually rewound & watched it again! Can't comment on the Acura tho....

    2. Why is it "shilling"?

      He's simply a paid spokesperson, no?

      Does that make every paid spokesperson a "shill"?

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I don't know why it's shilling. If they were secretly paying him to bring his brand new Acura up in every interview, conversation and recipe, I'd say shill. Having him in a commercial where he is obviously a paid spokesperson? Not a shill.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          It was simply the first word I thought of.....no ill intent was meant....

          But one definition of a "shill" is: to act as a spokesperson or promoter, so it is accurate.

        2. I agree with all of the responses here. He is certainly _not_ a shill.
          He is merely reaping one of the benefits that come with celebrity status.
          So more power to him...after all, why not make hay while he sun shines?

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          1. re: The Professor

            See the definition of "shill" as posted above.....the use of the word "shill" is technically accurate as he is a paid spokesperson or promoter.

            1. re: jenscats5

              That may be the technical definition. I believe, though, that I and the others responded based on the more common perception of "shill" being a negative connotation.
              Either way, it's a good gig for ol' Gordon.

              1. re: The Professor

                If you & the others decide to view it as negative that's your choice.

                I posted the link as I found the commercial amusing.

                1. re: The Professor

                  Agreed, Professor.

                  "Shilling" definitely has a negative connotation, esp. in common vernacular as used on the Internet. Double that if it's used in an message board.

                  It would be odd if one were to say, "Those ladies on Chopped were *shilling" for school lunches," right? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/819354

                2. re: jenscats5

                  He's neither. He says not one word about the brand or product and is not representing either. He's just acting in a skit, the content of which has nothing to do with the product. He's just there for hyperbolic comic effect.

                  So while he is being paid by the brand to *appear* in their ads, he is neither promoting the product nor acting as a brand spokesperson. His presence may appear to be an "endorsement" but it does not meet any literal definition of such.

                  Shilling means selling, usually deceptively, or with subterfuge. To "Bring in a shill" is to produce someone you represent as an average person, real-user, who will tout the virtues of your product, when in fact you have paid an actor to do so, usually fraudulently.

                  As long as we're being accurate.

                  1. re: acgold7

                    That's silly.

                    Of course he's endorsing the product.

                    In a situation like this, mere association is more than enough.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      What an interesting perspective. I suppose you can interpret it any way you wish, but that's not correct. No reasonable person could possibly see that ad and think that GR is recommending you go out and buy an Acura. An endorsement is a testimonial or recommendation, literally, and this isn't it.

                      And what an interesting way to respond to a minor (and accurate) point in a post that, overall, supports you and your argument.

                      1. re: acgold7

                        No reasonable person could possibly see that ad and think that GR is recommending you go out and buy an Acura. An endorsement is a testimonial or recommendation, literally, and this isn't it.
                        I think your idea of a reasonable person is very off base. I am a lawyer, and I am very familiar with the concept of a reasonable person. While I understand that Gordo didn't explicitly recommend Acura, he is clearly endorsing the product by lending his persona/brand to Acura. Your perspective is based on a literal definition, not a reasonable person's point of view.

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        I agree with you. Just because he's not outright driving or verbally endorsing Acura, you may be sure he's certainly getting paid very well for appearing in their commercial. That is endorsement alone. And, if we see Gordo driving (coincidentally, of course) an Acura in any of his reality shows, or in real life, well, that's kind of like when Arnie drove his HumVee to work, now, isn't it?

                      3. re: acgold7

                        Everyone in the ad is representing Acura. If you don't want to represent a company you don't appear in their ads.

                  2. Saw the commercial for the first time yesterday. It's really funny, and I'm not a GR fan!

                    Whatever you call what he's doing, if I were in his shoes, I'd do the same. Lidia Bastianich appears on QVC occasionally. Doesn't make me think any less of her.

                    1. Funny. Thanks for posting.

                      1. Ramsay gave a book signing a year ago at my local mall. about 200 people had won the oppurtunity to get their cookbook autographed.They waited patiently for a couple of months, thebookseller, radio stations and news media were all in .Ramsay finally arrived full of smiles and kisses.He genuinely looked like a great guy! Having fun! Then about half away thru the crowd of patient and thrilled fans.He decided that was enough and walked off,leaving some pretty sad faces.I was there, but glad not to be in the signing line. The guy's definately a 'shill', and not really a positive one. http://youtu.be/gLNZVp8W2ZU

                        1. I love him! And the commercial! And why shouldn't he appear in advertisements? He's well known, its a fun commercial, people should just lighten up.

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                            1. re: The Professor

                              YOU mean people should lighten up and take abuse... even for a laugh? Sounds cheap.

                              1. re: hetook

                                Was someone really abused in the filming of that commercial? I would think they were all paid handsomely for that commercial, and Gordo was just "acting."

                                1. re: hetook

                                  Sorry...I don't understand your comment...who was mean here?

                                  1. re: hetook

                                    LOLOLOL they're ACTING....honestly!!!!

                                1. I am never a huge fan of Ramsay, but I love this ads. It is funny and smart. Keep in mind that although Ramsay is in the ads, he did not actively promote or endorse the ads. In fact, his appearance is meant to contradict what Acura stands for.

                                  Ramsay = excessive
                                  Acura = reason and prudent

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                                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                      Are you saying the storyline doesn't have him endorsing Acura, or he's not endorsing Acura in general?

                                      1. re: David11238

                                        I think it's a moot point. He's obviously been paid by Acura to appear in a commercial promoting Acura, and whether or not he comes out and says "I love Acura' or "Acura is the bes car" or "buy Acura", he's promoting Acura no matter what the story line is. Kind of silly to suggest that someone appearing in a paid promotional event for a company really "isn't" promoting that company, regardless of the story line, IMHO.

                                        1. re: freia

                                          I think Acura wants to promote cars to wealthy people,who can afford to hire someone like GH. At,the sametime apealing to the upper-mid-class,and people that Gordo impresses or intrigues. or ones that will add2 and 2.

                                          1. re: hetook

                                            i mean GR...sorry had a stroke.

                                          2. re: freia

                                            That's my point in asking the question.

                                          3. re: David11238

                                            "Are you saying the storyline doesn't have him endorsing Acura, or he's not endorsing Acura in general?"

                                            Ramsey appearance was used as a counterexample of Acura. The idea of the commercial is that Acura is simple, sensible and reasonable. The ads is to use Ramsey as the examples of other expensive cars which are excessive, overboard, and unreasonable.

                                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                              Knowing a little something about cars, and I emphasize " a little", Acura is certainly not cheap nor shoddily made. They are the luxury division of Honda, just like Lexus is to Toyota. However, Ramsey or not, I would never buy one only because I don't like FWD (or FWD bias) cars.

                                        2. Honestly, I don't get this commercial.

                                          It IS very amusing especially for those of us familiar with GR's TV persona, but what do you remember from that ad about the car?

                                          Acura sales are not all that good, primarily because no one knows what the brand stands for (and also some questionable product decisions, *cough* ZDX *cough* but that's a discussion for a different board).

                                          So is a cute GR commercial going to sell any cars? Doubt it, but it cracks me up whenever I watch it.

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                                          1. re: coney with everything

                                            Perhaps that WAS the goal of the commercial, to get you to remember the brand of Acura. After all, there's only so much that can be said about a car in a commercial and most of it is either a retelling of various car industry awards and/or generic information...you know " This is the Car of the Year, it gets x mpg, best handling, fits a full family" that sort of thing, whilst shots of the shiny car in question is zooming along a curvy country road or doing laps around a track driven by a stunt driver. That really doesn't sell a car in any event either.
                                            Perhaps all they really want is for you to think like this "We'd love a new car, hey lets check out Acura" based on remembering their funny commercial?

                                            1. re: freia

                                              After watching that commercial, I thought it was funny but I could not recall who it was for. If it wasn't for this thread, I wouldn't have known it was an Acura commercial.

                                            2. re: coney with everything

                                              Agree with you about "what do you remember....about car?"

                                              Seen the ad many times & didn't realize until this thread that it is an acura. Thought it was a Lexus. Even the other night, kids remembered the GR commercial, but couldn't recall the car. And I'm a former Acura owner (loved it too)! As I see it, this is a win only for GR.

                                              In contrast, we do remember the Audi commercial where the parents drive away with their home-for-the-holidays son's car.

                                              1. re: ceekskat

                                                One thing though, now that you realize the car that is being pitched is an Acura, every time Ramsey is in some chef's face which is all the time on his shows you will think of the commercial and the car.

                                            3. If I can forgive and actually get a kick out of Johnny Rotten starring in a commercial for Country Butter, surely, I can't hold it against GR for going the K-Mart & Acura way/s.

                                              1. They are also running a skit with Bette Midler...