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Nov 24, 2011 11:10 AM

What cut of chuck is this?

I'm making the "Simple Pot Roast" from America's Test Kitchen. On the DVD, they show and talk about several cuts of chuck that people use and which ones are better than the other.

I've been through this over the years. The cut of meat at the butchers never looks anyways similar to the various pictures of cuts of chuck meat. To make it more confusing, it seems everyone has a difference name for the same cut.

Just for fun, I am putting the cut of chuck I opened today. It is from a farm and identified on the package as simply "chuck steak."

Would you like to further identify this or give a name to it?

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  1. Note the shape of the bone - it's what they call a '7 bone'. It's part of the shoulder blade.

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    1. re: paulj

      That was my guess; but it was just that, a guess. The cut weighed 3 lb. 4 oz. and is about 2" thick.

      The '7 bone' was one of the three cuts (out of 6, I believe) that ATK liked for their "Simple Pot Roast."

    2. It is a 7-bone roast, and it makes a great pot roast. I recently made the best pot roast I've ever tasted braising it in a bottle of Barbera wine. I cooked it a day ahead, and it was heavenly.

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        Next time I'll try a bottle of Barbera. This recipe called only for 1/4 cup of wine added to the juices. We cooked 4 hours total at 300F.