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Nov 24, 2011 10:16 AM

Shannon Rose Irish Pub -- Ramsey

Going in the old TGI Friday's location -- it looks like they are right on schedule and will be opening early next year. There is an on-site trailer and they've already begun.

There's a lot of positive buzz about the place. The Clifton location does well. I've been there several times, and I've even been to the Woodbridge location once as well. The "local" bar scene is "so-so" and this place should do well.

Doherty Enterprises -- who owns/operates Johhny Carino's, various Panera Bread locations, Applebee's and Chevy's -- is the owner/operator of Shannon Rose. They are a top notch group and this is their 3rd location. I am looking forward to this place.

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday to all.

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  1. Not so sure why people would be so excited by this place.

    Johnny Carinos, Panera, Applebees and Chevys are certainly not very good examples of places that I get excited about. I

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    1. re: Bosmer

      I am not excited about those places either. No reason to be. In addition, I wouldn't be excited about any one them opening here, or even a similar business offering from this group. Open a Mickey D's and I couldn't care less, LOL.

      However, I am looking forward to Shannon Rose though. This place has a much different model, theme, etc. If I hadn't been to the Clifton location, didn't see what they do, didn't' know the place, etc. I probably wouldn't be looking forward to it either.

      There are some good reasons to have some good expectations. The nearby area needs a place like this. There's not a lot there, other than the same ol' same ol' or places that cater to a different kind of crowd, environment, etc. The nearby area needs something different than, say for example, the Friday's that was there before which didn't' make it. It wasn't a quality place to go, wasn't a lot of fun, etc. The area needs something different than the nearby Houlihan's. There aren't many places with this kind of offering in the nearby area.

      The Clifton location does in fact do well. Sure, it attracts people who are there for a reason -- movies, shopping, etc., but it also attracts a nearby population. That kind of place, with that kind of offering should do well here. This area is also very different from Clifton. This will attract people from an X square mile radius, maybe some shopping, Rt. 17, etc. but it will offer a theme type place with -- music, food, 20 plus beers on tap, TV's, etc. That just doesn't exist nearby in the Mahwah/Ramsey area. Maybe people will talk about the Mason Jar or MB&G, but they have become different kind of places. Not a "bar" let's go hangout type of environment -- younger, college kids maybe, people who want pub grub only, or the been going there forevers, yes they can fit the bill and they do. They'll continue to do OK. But they are different.

      I wouldn't base a premature opinion on Shannon Rose on anything that had to do with other business offered by the same group.

    2. Panera Bread??? OMG!!! Swill!

      1. The Shannon Rose near me in Woodbridge is more a place for drinking than for eating. At least, I've never eaten there! It's very busy... especially Friday evening.

        1. I went to the one in Clifton when it first opened; it wasn't anything special. I have been told that, "anyone can get laid at Shannon Rose" because it's just that type of crowd later on at night on the weekends.

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          1. re: legendarystarbolt

            Indeed, "meat market" is an understatement.

          2. I don't see the appeal there. Except for maybe the younger crowd drinking and hooking up. It certainly isn't for the food.
            I've been to the one in clifton and the food was terrible. People told me they loved the place and that I should try the Woodbridge location. The Woodbridge location was no better than the Clifton spot.
            I'm still looking for a place to get a good Irish meal.

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            1. re: Applecheeks

              MacDonaugh's in Keyport does some good Irish stuff .


              1. re: Applecheeks

                How about Flynn's in Rahway? Just pub food, but it's a fun place.


                1. re: drongo

                  Flynn's is great. Good food, run by incredibly friendly people who are very accommodating. They run some special events like trivia nights if that's your kind of thing. A true neighborhood venue but one that is welcoming of anyone that walks in the door. I don't think I've ever walked into a bar where I felt as comfortable as I do here. Love it.

                2. re: Applecheeks

                  Thatcher McGee's in Pompton Lakes.

                  1. re: Sdenred

                    Never really ordered "Irish" food there -- except for the "Irish fries" (LOL), but the food there was good. Typical pub grub menu, but I liked it better than the stereotypical stuff you get at Bennigan's et al. Good place.