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Nov 24, 2011 09:53 AM


Any good eateries in Guadalajara?

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  1. Fuffy, there are lots of threads here about eating in Guadalajara. Use the search tool!


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      How strange. I tried the search tool but nothing came up.

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        Fuffy, I just tried searching one word--Guadalajara--and got 18 hits. Give it another try, maybe you made a typo.


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          Thanks Cristina, I tried again and got several hits but not a lot of information, your replies were the most helpful. Please could you (or anyone else) help again?
          I am most interested in really good Mexican food.
          As far as I can see Anita Li and I Latina are a little more international than I would like and someone described them as "trendy and fun" which is not for me. Lula Bistro also sounds too international, as does the Argentinian La Matera.
          Corazon de Alcachofa looks more serious according to what they say about themselves on their site.
          Karne Garibaldi,
          Torta Loca
          Cocina 88 ? ( I couldn't see the Cocina 88 menu on line)
          all look as though they may be my sort of place. Do you (or anyone) have thoughts about any of these - or any other eateries?
          I'll be at the Hilton near the convention center but expect to drive around including a trip to the crafts area five miles outside the town.
          Would be MOST grateful for help. Thank you.

          1. re: Fuffy

            Fuffy, in order of most regional and most Mexican AND most what I think you would enjoy, try these:

            --Karne Garibaldi at the corner of Calle Garibaldi and Calle José Clemente Orozco. Accept no substitutes! Order small, medium or large, with or without chile, and enjoy. They serve the best refried beans in Mexico, too.

            --Torta Loca, ground floor of the Mercado Libertad. Tortas as big as your head and really delicious. If they have seasonal agua de ciruela, get it.

            --Los Alteños, for the hands-down best tacos al pastor I have ever eaten. Anywhere. Ever.

            --Birriería El Chololo #4, at KM20, near the El Salto exit south of the airport on the GDL/Chapala highway. Just birria and just out of this world. If you like offal, order your birria 'surtido'. If you just want regular goat meat, order 'maciza'.

            If you're in Tlaquepaque, go to Mariscos El Pescador Rojas, at Morelos #43-B. The shrimp cocktail, the whole fried huachinango (red snapper), the shrimp empanadas--oh man! Honest-to-god Mexico to the hilt.

            --Sacramonte, a little higher end but truly traditional Mexico, from the decor to the food.

            Re Cocina 88, it's another Argentine steak house. If you want to go the Argentine route, go to La Matera. La Matera is fantastic.

            Post back with your Guadalajara report!


              1. re: cristina

                P.S. Cristina (or anyone) do you know anything about Corazon de Alcachofa?

                1. re: Fuffy

                  I've never been there, but maybe someone else has. I don't usually eat at chain restaurants (well except for the fabulous Karne Garibaldi!). Corazón de Alcochofa does have a website: If you go and it's wonderful, let us know, please.


                  1. re: cristina

                    Sorry to be so demanding, but, on second thoughts, do you know of any slightly more comfortable (but still good Mexican) places, perhaps like Sacramonte, in case I also feel like rest and recuperation while or after exploring. Thanks a LOT...

                    1. re: Fuffy

                      Restaurante Adobe in Tlaquepaque might work for you. The food is excellent and the setting is beautiful, whether you are at an outside table for people-watching or at an inside table within the store.

                      La Matera (I know, I keep coming back to it) is very comfortable, albeit Argentine and pricy.

                      La Chata is good and very home-y. I prefer the downtown location, although I have been to both:

                      Los Itacates (aha! a new name surfaces!) is fun and comfortable (and central): I don't care for their chiles en nogada, but that's just me.

                      From the last post, Birriería El Chololo #4 is very comfortable, especially on a Sunday when all of Guadalajara goes for comida--roving mariachis sing and play (but not in a touristy way), families of all stripes relax over platters of birria, hot plates of frijolitos refritos topped with melted cheese, bowls of consomé, and big fresh-off-the-comal tortillas. The liquor flows and the afternoon eases into evening.


                      1. re: cristina

                        Guadalajara Report as requested by Cristina. Well, as usually happens, alas, I didn't get to most of the restaurants on my carefully wrought list.
                        I was taken to Cocina 88 by Mexican colleagues but it didn't seem to be a Argentinian steakhouse. It is in a beautiful house, I had a good lime soup, good veal tacos and we were all content.
                        I am sad to say, though, that breakfast at the Crown Plaza was not good and
                        dinner at Sacramonte was positively disappointing. I invited a Mexican and a Colombian who both agreed...First I had a totally bland avocado soup with no avocado taste, and then chicken with an inferior mole sauce. The food wasn't in the same league as better Mexican restaurants in New York.
                        I am sorry I didn't manage to get to the places that Cristina kindly recommended . I am sure they would have been better.

                        1. re: Fuffy

                          Having eaten with Cristina in Guadalajara, you're right, her recs would have been better ;-)

                          But...sometimes you can't always control where you end up for meals, so just chalk it up to experience and look at it as an excuse to go back and try her recs.

                          1. re: DiningDiva

                            My lunch at Birria de los Nueve Esquinas was awesome. I had barbacoa de borrego and my husband had the birria de chivo. My barbacoa was delicious and so tender, but his birria was out of this world. The consomme was so rich and spice laden (allspice perhaps, cloves?). I could have just picked up the bowl and taken a sip, except it would have been all over me!

                            Our other meals were in Tlaquepaque. We were a bit confined to places with sidewalk tables, since we have a dog, so we may have missed out big time with the pescado/marisco places that don't allow pets. We did have excellent torta ahogadas on the street, though. One restaurant, San Pedro del Rio, allowed us to dine inside the restaurant. The guacamole was heavenly and the sopa de mariscos was better than some bouillabaisses I have tasted.

                        2. re: cristina

                          We had a great meal at La Matera last night. Spinach cakes, tripe, sweetbreads, all first-rate. 30-day dry-aged domestic ribeye was as good as we can get in San Francisco. Most impressive was my friend's perfectly grilled sea bass. Wine list seemed short on good values except for the the LA Cetto Nebbiolo.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            La Matera is tops for an Argentine steak house. Any meal I have eaten there has been tops.

                            Robert, if you have not yet tried Karne Garibaldi (at the original site, corner José Clemente Orozco and Garibaldi), don't miss it. Ordering is simple: small, medium, or large, with or without chile. Medium with is my standard order. Go and report back!


                  2. re: cristina

                    El Pescador Rojas was great. I love how they grill the octopus before making the ceviche. Little language confusion, we ordered two, octopus and shrimp, got one combination, but that was plenty anyway. Huachinango dorado (fried whole true red snapper) was fabulous (134 pesos for .55 kg).

                    We'd brought a bottle of Chasselas del Mogor and as our friends laughingly warned us the people at the restaurant weren't very experienced in calculating corkage. They asked us how much it cost, I said $240, at first they were going to charge us twice that, then they came back and said $280, which I think was a price they found online. Kind of ridiculously expensive given the prices there but that's what restaurants at home charge.

                    I don't go into Guadalajara proper much, mostly hang around Tlaquepaque, but Karnes Garibaldi isn't far from La Contra Vinos so I'll check it out on my next visit.

          2. A few personal favorites in Tlaquepaque:

            Casa Fuerte, very touristy place but the cooking is first-rate. My favorite dishes include the savory version of the torta de elote / corn cake, the queso fundido (huge portion, good to share), and chiles en nogada. Nice bar as well.

            Rio San Pedro (not to be confused with Real San Pedro), 27 kinds of chilaquiles at breakfast, traditional and creative cooking at lunch and dinner. Customers are mostly locals. 8:30am until late daily, Juarez 300, just east of Niños Héroes, a block south of Independencia (the pedestrian street / main tourist drag).

            I can't remember the name, but it's across the street and a few doors west of the Casa de las Flores B&B. Great traditional dishes such as pozole and pig's feet. Dinner only.

            1. Mariscos Rojas has moved around the corner to Obregon 83. Still good.

              1. Was in Tlaquepaque for a week last month.

                We went to Plaza Vieja for dinner one night. Kind of a goofy nightclub atmosphere but pleasant. I had a molcajete with cecina, arrachera, and a bunch of other things, ridiculously huge and rich but tasty.

                Another night we went to Casa Luna, similar kind of place. Went planning to get pizza, we had to ask for that separate menu. The one I ordered was supposed to have epazote on it but they didn't have any in the kitchen. Fun to try Mexican pizza once but I probably wouldn't order it again.