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Nov 24, 2011 09:41 AM



I need help quicky if anyone is on here today................I put my turkey in the oven at 6 am this morning...........he was straight from the fridge and still a bit icey inside............I set teh temp for 225 for slow some point my oven turned it self off , some new safety feature on long tern baking, anyway when I noticed and checked it at 10 am the oven was still a bit warm bit as I said it had gone off, I immediately turned it back on at 350-360 degrees and is now baking, BUT...........Will my turkey be safe to eat????? Please someone reply..................

  1. Yes. But please make sure ALL parts of turkey is cooked to 165 degree F. Check multiple locations (thigh, breast, etc.) If there were any bacteria in turkey and grew during the time your oven was off, another round of cooking should kill them.

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      All the bacteria are dead between 130 and 140. No need to overcook your Turkey. Every published scientific paper confirms this.

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