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ISO Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice

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Hi Gang! My newest quest is to find GREAT spicy tuna on crispy rice. I assume anyone who does this well, does other sushi/rolls well. Price is not an issue and area is Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc...

As usual, thanks in advance!!

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  1. Try WA SUSHI AND BISTRO ... I recall they did a pretty good rendition of this dish a while back.

    Wa Sushi & Bistro
    1106 N La Cienega Blvd
    West Hollywood
    (310) 854-7285

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      go to musha (santa monica or torrance)

    2. Is it like a piece of Nigiri Sushi with rice that been seared? If so, you can get it at Koi and Yi Cuisine.


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      1. re: Dommy!

        It is a deep fried rice square with Spicy Tuna or Salmon on top. It is quite yummm!

      2. if you're heading to the valley -

        18713 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, 91356 - (818) 609-9050

        they do the best version of this out of the four places i've tried it. for me, the difference is in how they pack the rice. it's also not nearly as greasy as the other versions i've tasted.

        Link: http://simonmetz.blogspot.com

        1. Short answer: Koi on La Cienega.

          Other great items:
          -- rock shrimp
          -- three-layer tuna "tacos"
          -- miso black cod
          -- seared albacore w/onions
          -- LARGE WARM CRAB ROLL -- you will want many of these...

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          1. re: jcwla

            kanzen restaurant in redondo does it the best...much better than koi.

          2. Sushi Katsu-ya on Ventura Blvd. does the best, I think.

            I believe they developed Koi's special menu, including this item.

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              I feel that Katsuya on Ventura has gone WAY downhill. Years ago, I loved everything I ate there. These days it's so crowded, the waitresses holler (WHAT ELSE?) so you'll order quickly, and the "crispy" rice is soft and still hot which doesn't bode well for the cool tuna on top. I think they have to crank so many out that they are not made properly anymore. I agree that Koi has the superior version. As much as I'm not one for a scene, I have to say that Koi's food is very, very good.

              1. re: tokyoastrogirl

                I concur. Katsu-ya really isn't as good as it used to be... And I've only ever gone there for lunch or obtained food to go at dinnertime. But I just started to get over the faux Japanese food (way too much mayonnaise)...

                Haven't tried the Brentwood location, though.

                But Katsu-ya probably *would* be the best place to try this dish.

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                  Try the Encino location. The food is the way Studio City used to be. Plus the staff is a bit more courteous and it is all around a nicer dining experience.

              2. You guys are awesome! Sushi Katsu-ya is where the dinner will be.

                Thanks again for all your help.

                1. Musha, an izakaya restaurant (not sushi) on Wilshire neare 5th St. in Santa Monica has a very nice spicy tuna on crispy rice (cracker). It's quite addictive. I love Musha. The friendliest restaurant in all of L.A.!

                  1. You should check out HamaSaku, in a mini-mall near Santa Monica & Sepulveda. They do a great version of that crispy rice thing and a lot of other high-end creative rolls.

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                    1. re: BIM

                      Ooh...love the Fox roll!

                      1. re: jcwla

                        Yeah - you right about Koi, too.

                    2. If you want to try making it yourself...whether crispy rice or other creative and inventive "companions", try buying the spicy mayo, AND the sashimi grade tuna at Snapper Jon's in Woodland Hills. I bought some tuna, and the spicy mayo there, and some smelt eggs at Bristol Farms, and had fun making my own Spicy Tuna!! Man, it was great!

                      1. I first had this at Koi but Kanzen in Redondo Beach makes it better and you don't have to take out a loan to pay for it.

                        1. eew, Katsu ya has really plummeted. I prefer it from House of Taka in Sherman oaks

                          1. Koi has the most amazing spicy tuna on crispy rice that I have had. There is a tiny sliver of jalapeno on each (you can easily remove if it's too hot for ya).

                            I don't necessarily think Koi is authentic Japanese food, but for this dish and other cal-Asian dishes, it's the best.


                            1. Lov2eat,

                              You must try the firecracker roll at Tatsuki in Woodland Hills:

                              21630 Ventura Blvd
                              Woodland Hills, CA 91364

                              I order mine extra spicy with extra chili oil.


                              1. A third vote for Musha in Santa Monica - their version is outstanding. Spicy and flavorful with slivers of fresh jalepeno, but the fish really comes through and the rice crackers are perfect. Check out pengrin's photo of it here:

                                Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pengrin/...

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                                1. re: neobite

                                  And another vote here! Outstanding.

                                  1. re: neobite

                                    I love the Musha version too but it definitely doesn't contain jalapenos.

                                  2. Haven't tried it myself, but friends keep telling me that Azami on Melrose near LaBrea (across the street from M Cafe and Pinkberry) has really good tuna on crispy rice.

                                    1. I love Iroha.. small but very cosy.. and the food is amazing, six big pieces of spicy tuna on crispy rice for 13 dollars..

                                      Iroha is on Ventura in Studio City!!

                                      1. does anyone know where you can get spicy tuna on crispy rice deliverd in hollywood???

                                        1. Iwata in Sherman Oaks is the best!

                                          1. I just ate at Yen Sushi @ 9618 N Pico Blvd 90035 - upstairs from the Ralphs. So good! It is a little on the expensive side but the Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice was incredible.

                                            1. Yatai on Sunset's version puts all others to shame...last time I went in, I had to order TWO orders...just for me!

                                              1. Katana on Sunset does this. I haven't had it anywhere else so I can't really compare.

                                                1. You should definitely try K-ZO in Culver City - they have spicy tuna on crispy rice plus amazing sushi and Japanese "tapas".

                                                  1. Yoshi's Sushi in West Hollywood has it, among other tasty sushi. Good prices too.

                                                    8274 Santa Monica Blvd
                                                    (323) 848 9105

                                                    1. The best Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice in the LA area is Katsu-ya. They may have "slipped" in some other areas as some have noted (although I still think it's better than those folks will give it credit for), this is one of their signature dishes and it remains delicious. I have tried this dish at most of my other favorite sushi places (including Iroha, down the street from Katsu-Ya Studio City) and none has perfected the ratio and consistency of the rice and tuna the way that Katsu-Ya has.

                                                      Mori is still my favorite sushi, hands down. But for more inventive sushi, I still love Katsu-Ya. And especially their spicy tuna on crispy rice.

                                                      1. just had it tonight at Katsuya in Encino and it was YUM!
                                                        i don't care what anyone says, Katsuya is still my favorite sushi joint.

                                                        1. I second the vote for K-Zo in Culver City - I love their version! I'm also had quite good versions at Takami in Downtown LA (they're bite-size, which I like a lot) and, surprisingly, Geisha House in Hollywood.

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                                                          1. re: aching

                                                            I second K-zo. They get the rice super crispy, not soggy at all! I am craving it now!

                                                          2. Agree on Musha. Also try Ma'Kai if you if you just want it with a drink or aren't in the mood for a traditional Japanese restaurant.

                                                            1. I've been to a lot of places with Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice and my favorite place so far has been Prime Grill in Beverly Hills. It is located in Rodeo Collection on Rodeo Dr. You'll love it--guaranteed.

                                                              1. Miru in Beverly Hills on Olympic; near Doheney & Beverly... in a small shopping Center... they have a huge menu; but I love their spicy tuna on crispy rice... I believe they call it The Bomb.... it's terrific

                                                                1. This sounds like the latest fad food on the menu in every (well, almost) Japanese restaurant now. Just had a pretty good version at Bar Hayama with a sliver of fresh jalapeno on top. Hot!