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Nov 24, 2011 07:48 AM

pilot light on stovetop

the pilot light on my stovetop keeps clicking on all the burners. when i turn on the bottom left burner, which seems to be a problem, the pilots stop clicking. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

If i turn off the circuit for the stove it is fine, so I can leave the house, but obviously would like to try to fix the problem without calling a repair man. any help would be great. thanks

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  1. On stuff like this it is best to call the repairman, IMO. I hope your stovetop is under warrantee..

    1. It sounds to me like it is possible that that one particular igniter might have gotten a bit of oil or "gunk" on it. Thing of it like an exposed spark plug that is right next to the burner head. You may have easy access to it but you also may need to remove all your stove grates and then lift up the stove top. Now you should be able to clearly see the igniter. It should be nice and clean, without any residue or oil on it.

      If it's not clear as to where it will emit it's spark - then use one of the other igniters for a different burner so that you know where you might need to do a bit of cleaning.

      If it is dirty, first try gently cleaning it with a clean cloth or paper towel, and if needed a bit of alchohol. You may even need to gently clean it with a bit of steel wool or a small metal brush. Dry it with a gentle patting motion, before you try and use it again. Then give it a shot. Hopefully, this will fix it up for you.

      It's uncommon for these to actually break, though that can happen and then you'll probably need a repairman unless it's under warranty. I've had to clean a few of my igniters over the years but they've never actually broken.

      1. You don't mention what brand stove you have but on our Blue Star, constant ignitor clicking was solved by ensuring all lead connectors to each ignitor were securely tied up and away from resting on the stove pan below the burners. The connectors may have opened up a bit; there could be a short in a wire; you may have a cracked ignitor if it is ceramic. Also, depending upon what you're cooking, a boil over or excessive moisture could cause a short.

        You could call customer service for the manufacturer of your stove, go on line for trouble shooting, or call in a repairmen.

        Hope this helps and good luck.

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          Thanks a lot for the started working just fine about an hour later...i think it must have been some ecessive moisture.