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Nov 24, 2011 07:47 AM

Old wooden utensils...still use them from relatives no longer here?

How many of you have old wooden utensils such as mixing spoons passed down from family no longer here and still use them? I have old wooden spoons passed down from my grandmother and possibly great grandmother that I still use to this day and when I do use them I think of my grandmothers cooking with them.

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  1. I do too. I love the idea of this lineage of cooks, preparing meals day after day, all holding the same spoon.

    I have a mishmash of cooking tools from my grandmothers and MIL. Each time I use them I am flooded with happy memories.

    1. In 1948, my dad swiped a boning knife while on KP at Otis AFB, Cape Cod, because he and my mom didn't have a good knife at home. I'll be using it for food prep today.

      1. I have a lovely pine cutting board that belong to my husband's grandmother. When asked what I wanted after my MIL's death, I grabbed the two antique apple peelers she frequently used but I haven't used them yet since they have to clamp on the edge of a table. (I'm afraid of damaging the table.)

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          Put a piece of rubber or silicone between the table and the clamp or another piece of wood.

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            You can also use a piece of that mesh shelf liner between the table and the clamp. Available dirt cheap at Walmarts or their clones.

          2. I have a potato masher--the wavy grid not the round one--with a red wooden handle that belonged to my mother's mother. I use it whenever I make mashed potatoes.

            1. A wooden potato masher from the Minnesota homestead circa 1878.