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Nov 24, 2011 05:05 AM

HELP! Turkey Trouble! Please advise

So I brined the turkey in a concentrated 4 hr brine per cooks illustrated, and my husband took it out to dry overnight to crisp the skin.

But we forgot to RINSE the turkey after the brine!

Uggh! What to do? Rinse now, and suffer soggy skin, or risk overly salty turkey?

How bad could it be???

Please advise!!!!

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  1. Also, I had planned to stuff the bird with stuffing.

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    1. re: sljones

      I have never brined a turkey, but from what I've read here in the past, stuffing in a brined turkey may be very salty.

      I would rinse it really well, pat dry and then use a hairdryer on cool to really dry it :-)

    2. I never rinse my brined turkey and it's never too salty. Just don't add any further salt.

      1. I doubt that rinsing at this point would remove much saltiness, and it would only be from the skin. Couldn't hurt to rinse, though, unless you're really committed to super-crispy skin. Even then, I think that patting the turkey very dry after a rinse and then slathering it in some kind of fat will give you quite crispy skin. That dried skin isn't going to be able to soak up water very quickly at this point.

        I assume that not all of your stuffing is going into the bird. I'd try to put an unsalted (or VERY lightly salted) portion of stuffing into the bird and then cook off the rest with the required salt.