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Nov 24, 2011 03:12 AM

Reed Restaurant, rue Amelie, 7th

I thought I had repoted it prviously, but do not see it here.

It must be the discovery of this 2 month stay!

Charming in every way. Catherine Reed is lovely!

The food is excellent. The prices are very reasonable.

For the food, price and ambience this place should be filled every day! It only needs the word of mouth reporting to pass on to all, as Amelie does not have a lot of traffic.

Go, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased!

a bientot...

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  1. This is timely. I walked by yesterday and looked at the menu on the way to Pottoka for lunch. It looked lovely and suggested to my wife we try it next week. Thanks for the heads up

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      We tried Reed when we were in Paris 2 weeks ago and loved it - charming, small, attractive, good food and gracious chef/owner. I recommend it.

    2. Anyone know what type of menu, food, pricing, etc, is served ?

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        I would call the menu updated classics - the menu itself changes daily and everything, including desserts, are made in-house. I tried to find our receipt and could not locate it, but it was the least expensive of our 4 dinners in Paris and the best overall value. My recollection is that the bill for 2 for dinner, including wine, was approx 100 Euro.

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          It was recently well reviewed by John T.

        2. We visited Reed while we were in Paris last week - it was great and we ended up going back again on our last day. We also ate at Cafe Constant, which was roughly the same price, and Reed blew it out of the water.

          We had her soup of the day on both visits (9e), which were easily some of the best soups I've had. First was a tomato & red pepper soup... perfect acidity - very bright with some crunch from toasted french bread croutons thrown in before serving. Second visit it was asparagus soup with a dolup of ricotta. Very light - delicious but not as jaw dropping as the tomato.

          For mains we had her chicken with morrel sauce (22e) and lamb stew (21e). Both were great but the chicken was easily the best plate of our trip. Highly recommend trying anything she makes with those mushrooms, she knows how to do them justice... Desserts were nothing fancy but were equally satisfying.

          We were extremely happy with the wine also - good value for the money. On visit 1, we had the mid range bordeaux (35e a bottle I believe) and it was a standout of the trip. Visit 2 we tried the lower end bordeaux (24e) and it was OK - good for the price but if I was able to go back I'd get the midrange bottle. Good portion sizes - split a soup, 2 plats, 2 desserts, and wine both nights for less than 100e total each night.

          Ditch les cocettes and cafe constant and try this place!

          1. I can’t stop thinking about Reed. The pea and mint soup activated a trembling. The foie gras melted into the Touraine Rouge which Catherine had recommended. The veal soared with the snappy addition of shaved curlicues of what, I’ll leave you guessing. And the veal marrow? An utter swoon. My husband asked, “What did you do to the potatoes, they are incredible!” “Just a little butter and parsley,” Catherine says. Not that we can replicate. I was attracted to the unusual combination of ingredients on the posted menu next to a notice for Catherine Reed’s cooking classes, so we anxiously waited for it to reopen on a Tuesday, our last day in Paris. It was, by far, the most luxurious meal of our stay. It has been a month since our trip to Paris and I can't stop thinking about Reed. I see Catherine and her Sous Chef moving effortlessly in tandem to tend to our meal’s preparation and I savor the sight of Catherine stirring with meditatively tender care chocolate sauce into liquid ribbons, then spooning it over a delicate, custard-filled pastry shell.

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            1. re: jpperry

              "An utter swoon"
              "meditatively tender care"

              I can never go to Reed. I am not worthy !

              1. re: Parigi

                in light of the opinion of mi querida esposa that Reed's cooking was quite ordinary, it could well be unworthy of you. as for those shaved curlicues, if our meal was representative, my guess would be parmesano.

                1. re: moto

                  Way more out of the box. Keep guessing.

              2. re: jpperry

                >> The veal soared with the snappy addition of shaved curlicues of what, I’ll leave you guessing.

                Lavender soap?

                1. re: Ptipois

                  Because of some folks doubts that one person on Internet sites was boosting Reed which no one else cared comment on, I went many months ago and while near empty it was a very fine meal, reported on elsewhere.