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Nov 23, 2011 07:48 PM

Stopping the Cling Wrap from moving on the bench?

As the last of my roll is nearing, the container is becoming lighter and is tipping over on the counter, then my roll of plastic falls out. Sheesh, ok I know worst case scenario. But I was wondering what I could use to add weight to the container to stop it from acting up on me?
Any idea out there? Maybe I should make a trip to hardware store and seek out something in the shape of a ruler but just super heavy.

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  1. Why not just pick up the container with one hand, and pull the cling wrap with the other hand?

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      Not my style I guess. But I also find that if I don't hold the plastic wrap edges apart then it always get's stuck together.

      I should also mention that I use a cutting device that I clip onto the box. I actually tear off the serrated cutter that comes with each box

    2. a heavy magnet? I don't use the stuff any longer but I know what you mean, but I usually either use tupperware or put a plate over the container.

      1. Have you pushed in the the little tabs on both sides of the box? They are intended to hold the roll in place. I went for years before realizing they were there.

        1. A couple of "earth" magnets, from the hardware store, or dollar store, could be just the right size and weight to make a difference. (not for their magnetic properties, but for their density). Use double faced tape or hot glue to attach to the outside corners of the box, opposite edge from the cutter.

          1. Thanks for the ideas I will have a look when I'm at the store next.
            As I have a smallish freezer I need to selective in what I store in there, and containers start filling it up quickly but if I double wrap things I end up with more space. And yes I use those tabs on the sie of the box, but for some reason this box totally fell apart on me. Hopefully new box in a week or so.