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Nov 23, 2011 06:22 PM

Soon to be Gone.. never forgotten! Mount Gay Special Reserve

I still find it on the shelves but it won't be around much longer as they've discontinued it and the "Sugar Cane" bottling as well.. I've loved this rum since I wasn't old enough to drink it legally. I took about 15 years off from Rum and just a few years ago developed a taste for the sweet stuff again.

I know a lot of folks complained of the ripe banana / almond / vanilla flavors that were so dominant in Special Reserve but I found them to be unique, balanced and delicious. I absolutely love a strong serving in a tall glass, over ice, a big squeeze of lime and a splash of tonic water.

I am so mad at the distillery.. how dare they kill this treasure...

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  1. My local Spec's store ran out of the Sugar Cane Rum not too long ago. I'll miss it badly. But on another note, they began selling Lemon Hart 151 which is great, but was very hard to find

    1. They did away with some of their rums (or at least renamed them) back in 2008. They should stop rocking the boat already.

      1. I will be making a pligrimage to my bottle shop to see if I can find some. I know there is still a bottle on the top shelf at my local pub. Might stop 'round for one after the LCBO.