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Nov 23, 2011 06:03 PM

Does anyone actually put stuffing inside the turkey anymore?

I know there are certain safety precautions like not stuffing ahead of time and making sure stuffing itself reaches 165. Other than that is it a reasonably safe thing to do? I always remember the stuffing being cooked in the turkey when I was young - and it tasted great!

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  1. I still cook what I can fit inside the turkey and the rest gets put in a casserole, but the stuffing in the casserole is never as good....needs all the drippings from the turkey. American test kitchen showed putting some in cheesecloth inside the turkey for about an hour, taking it out and mixing it with the rest of the stuffing, adding the eggs and then putting it into a casserole and in the oven to finish cooking. I'm not doing the turkey this year so maybe I'll try it next year. You can go into their web site and watch the video.

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      Whereas I, a Southerner, think dressing is the only way to go. The giblets are used for making the stock for flavoring the dressing so it doesn't lack for flavor. At all :)

    2. My mother is 77 and has been doing it all of her adult life without a single problem. And this was feeding 20+ guests at both Thanksgiving & Christmas for most of the years.

      1. Yes, absolutely. Its been done forever, safely for the most part. I don`t know when people stopped doing this, because its never been a consideration for me...I`ve heard of the don`t prestuff and refrigerate, and most stuffings are mostly precooked anyways then stuffed in a bird, and then recooked with the bird. When DID we stop stuffing birds? Anyone know?

        1. It's just better when cooked in the bird--no way around it. I know all the tv chefs don't, though.

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          1. re: Babette

            I SO disagree. I like/love the crunchies from dressing.

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              Yep. It's all about the crust at our house, too.

              1. re: sunshine842

                Indeed. My mom always cooked some in the bird, and some out. I always found the in-the-bird bowl to be too soggy for my tastes.

          2. Hell.YES..cook that stuffing IN the bird!!!! I agree with all other responders on this...just doesn't taste any better outside the bird! that's all.