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Nov 23, 2011 05:53 PM

Celeriac Remoulade with Crab...?

I was hell bent on trying a classic french celeriac (celery root) salad for thanksgiving dinner and then saw Chef John Besh making something with crab- crab maison?- with similar ingredients. I am wondering if combining crab works and also if there are other vegies that I could add in with the celeriac to boost its volume and add interesting crunches without detracting from the basic flavor.
I was thinking of parnsips, rutabaga and daikon- is it advisable to eat them raw? Also, I now discovered that the crab is all gone at my market. Any ideas or suggestions for replacements? Had my heart set on this :)


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  1. Just encountered this old post- for those who might be interested, I did in fact make the celeriac crab salad and it was delicious indeed... I used mostly celery root, some jicama, some daikon and one kholorabi. I tried to keep the mayo portion down and I should have made less of it, more of a small taste thing than a big heaping plate. But the crab really added a nice flavor. It was a lot of work julienning everything though...

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      Thanks for the idea!

      Once again, this is yet another reason why I LOVE when someone resurrects an old thread. :)