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Nov 23, 2011 05:32 PM

Hong Kong: China Club

Greetings. I have reservations at China Club in a couple of weeks, and am told that I'll be there for the special noodle and tea shows/demonstrations. Does anyone have any experience with these? Is it cheesy/too touristy etc? I know the space is lovely, and hey, this is chowhound; I'm all about the food. I'd appreciate any thoughts, thank you!

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  1. Yes, it is very cheesy and very touristy. Ask for a table at the opposite side of the restaurant. The place is stunning, especially enjoy the Long Bar for a pre-dinner drink. Food is at best average but you don't go for the food. Do remember they have a strict dress code.

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      Agree entirely with PhilD's assessment.

      You won't have a bad meal there but the food isn't exactly memorable. The noodle making is definitely cheesy/touristy but that sort of thing is always interesting to watch for a foodie. Thing is, it's such a unique and fascinating restaurant the food takes a back seat. I wouldn't worry though - it's well worth the visit. I, like you, usually care more about the food than exclusivity or surroundings however this is more than just pomp and decor. The building is amazing, the art collection will knock your socks off. And don't forget to go exploring and find the little library and the view from the roof.