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Looking for... your best sweet potato casserole recipe?

We aren't doing official Thanksgiving until Saturday, (a family member works at a hospital and they have no holidays) so if you have a recipe to share, please do! Generally, I skip the marshmallows though- and don't eat meat.

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  1. Ooh, I'll be curious to see some of these as well. Thinking about scalloped sweet potatoes baked in heavy cream with fresh bay and roasted garlic for Xmas dinner.

    1. I haven't made this but am making it for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. It is on the food network site from 5-ingredient fix. It is called Smokey Sweet Potato Souffle and has bacon, maple syrup and chipotles. Sounds excellent to me!!!

      1. Not a casserole, but I quarter them lengthwise, partially cook them in a microwave, toss them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and a mixture sold as Herbes de Provence (basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, lavender, tarragon, and thyme) and grill them on a gas grill with some wood chips in a smoker box.

        1. I make a sweet potato chorizo casserole. I alternate slices of baked sweet potato with chorizo cooked with onions and peppers, and cheese. It's a nice alternative to the usual icky sweet casseroles.

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            That sounds wonderful. I make something similar with leftovers of grilled sweet potatoes and make a breakfast dish out of it by topping it with fried eggs. The addition of chorizo is definitely in my plans. Thx.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. Guess I should have mentioned, I don't eat meat but it's always easy to leave out. I love the idea of chipoltes but since kids and others can't take the spice, will have to leave that for another time. I like the idea of a gratin.

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              i know you said to skip the marshmallows, but even without them a lot of recipes tend to be on the sweet side. are you looking for something more savory (but not spicy)?

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                I'm open to anything- though I generally use the warm spices on Thanksgiving.. I love the chipolte idea and will definitely make that later on. I generally do a casserole with peaches or pineapple and warm spices, but I don't add much sugar at all. Was looking for something new to try.

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                  savory options:

                  use gruyere, make it with all sweet potato if you don't have butternut squash, and add a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg.



            2. I roast my sweet potatoes - peel - slice and make a savory brulee base - Pour over top - cook low - and then I brulee the top for service YUMMY

              1. Sweet yes but definitely delicious and always a big hit.

                10 medium round sweet potatoes (yams) all similar in size
                4 cups sugar
                2 1/2 cups water
                1 1/4 cups fresh squeezed and strained orange juice
                3/4 cup fresh squeezed and strained lime juice
                6 talblespoons unsalted butter, melted

                Cook the sweet potatoes (roast, microwave or boil over medium heat) until barely tender when pierced with a fork. Let the potatoes cool then peel removing any brownish material or strings.
                Cut them in half lengthwise.
                Combine the sugar, water and juices in two non-reactive skillets, or pans big enough to hold the potatoes in a single layer. Bring the liquid to a simmer. Add the potatoes and turn the heat to its lowest setting. Cook the potatoes, turning them gently once in a while with tongs for about two hours or until they are glazed and translucent around the edges.
                Arrange the potatoes in a serving dish and drizzle them with the melted butter.

                Made my son-in-law a fan and he always hated sweet potatoes!

                1. I don't have a recipe since I eyeball things generally, but my mom always tops hers with combination of corn flakes mixed with brown sugar and melted butter...

                  1. Look no further. Published in this months Saveur. Made it last night for the big feast. Freakin' Delicious!!! I skip the marshmellows too.


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                      I'd love to view this recipe but the link isn't working- can you double check it and repost? Thx!

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                          Thx- the recipe looks really good. Would ditch the marshmallows but I like the idea of a crumble topping. I bought walnuts so that should work as well.

                    2. Here's mine (it always gets raves):
                      Roast a bunch of yams. Peel and mash them with a tablespoon or two of chopped crystalized ginger, pumpkin pie spices, a large splash of bourbon and a bit of frozen orange juice, salt. Top with pecans, sprinkled with a little brown sugar, butter and salt. Bake until brown and crispy on top (about 45 minutes in a 400 oven) - it tastes pretty rich but isn't really/

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                        I like the addition of crystalized ginger- that sounds really good. My sister bought pineapple to add- she likes it with the yams- I think the pineapple and ginger would compliment each other nicely.

                      2. I make Bobby Flay's sweet potato gratin with chipotle. I see that you wil have some children and are not too thrilled about the spice.

                        I think that if you open can of chipotle in adobo and use only some of the adobo you will get the smoky fruity flavor of the chipotle without getting ALL of the spice. You will still get some spice but this should tame it a bit.

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                          I posted in another thread- but I made this for the first time this year! It was amazing! Everyone loved it. It's a keeper.

                        2. We added some chopped fuyu persimmons.

                          1. I usually make a pureed sweet potato and sliced apple layered dish that has brown sugar and dark corn syrup in it, and decided this year to make it a little lighter.
                            Instead of the sugars, I used a half cup of my homemade pumpkin-apple butter and a splash of sherry mixed into 1 1/2 pounds of steamed sweet potato, then pureed that and layered it in a buttered crock pot with sliced peeled apples. I cooked it on low for a couple hours, then switched it to keep warm after the apples were softened. Usually I make this in an 8 x 8 pan and bake it in the oven, but I wanted to have it out of the way early, and not have to worry about time and space in the oven with the turkey roasting and the casserole dish of extra stuffing. It turned out great, and I didn't miss all the sugar in the least.
                            I forgot the pecans for the top, though! Next time I have to remember them - I like the earthy taste and texture they add to the dish.

                            1. Thanks so much for all the input, everyone! There are so many great suggestions- I think I may end up combining a few of them- I will report back what I come up with if it's good.
                              Later on, I definitely want to try the yams and chipolte recipes- but that just won't work for the Thxgiving dinner with the kids and my (older) parents who can't eat anything spicy.

                              I love spicy food- the hotter the better, therefore I can't judge the 'hotness' of spice in a dish when I make it for people who don't love hot, spicy food. A friend who can't take spice will tell me a dish is too hot, when I can't even taste the pinch of red pepper I put in it. Guess everyone's threshold is different.

                              1. Okay, I ended up making a lighter version of the traditional thanksgiving yams. I baked the yams and then scooped out the insides and whipped them with a little butter, pineapple juice, salt, a little bit of freshly ground nutmeg and allspice.*No sugar)
                                I made a carmel with sugar on the bottom of the pan and then placed thinly sliced pieces of pineapple over it. Then I mounded on the mashed yams and I topped those with crushed walnuts and baked the whole thing.

                                Everyone loved this dish. With so many heavy dishes at Thanksgiving it was light and refreshing. I would add crystalized ginger next time, though I didn't have any in my pantry, so I skipped it this time.

                                1. This one is sort of embarrassing. I start with an 11oz. Bottle of Red Thai Curry Sauce from Trader Joes. Pour the whole thing into a medium sauce pan. Peel and chunk up sweet potatoes and add to the sauce pan. (hard to say exactly how many...they vary so much in size, but as a rule of thumb I have about two layers of 2" potato chunks and you can see the sauce peeking in between the top layer). Cover and cook over very low heat until the sweet potatoes can be mashed into the sauce. What you're looking for is a pretty stiff puree (so, here's where the quantity of sweet potatoes gets tested....). Serve hot, with chopped cilantro if you are energetic and none of your guests is a cilantro hater.
                                  Sorry, realized you were looking for casseroles.....you could reheat in the oven if you're trying to save in stovetop real estate during the last minute craziness that accompanies Thanksgiving

                                  1. This recipe is way too sweet, but it is also way too good - http://www.food.com/recipe/ruths-chri... . Actually, I think you could bake it in a graham cracker crust and use it for dessert.

                                    We had 22 people for Christmas this year. We doubled this recipe and it was the only thing for which there were no leftovers.