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Good Beer Bottle Shop in LA

Hi all... Besides the chain places (BevMo, Wholefoods) anyone know of some good place to buy interesting bottles of beer? Thanks!

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  1. my beer friends seem to like the Beverage Warehouse on McConnell south of culver.

    Beverage Warehouse
    4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Westsidegal, does Beverage Warehouse let you purchase single bottles from a 6-pack like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods do?

        After over 30 years without having a single beer (yeah, I am not exactly a hophead), I have recently read about some health benefits of beer and I am willing to drink one a week. I am currently sampling beers that are highly rated at Beer Advocate and are described in a way that lets me believe I might tolerate the taste (Allagash and Hoegaarden are my recent favorites), but Trader Joe's and Whole Foods don't carry a wide selection.

        I'd appreciate recs for singleton selections in the San Fernando Valley.

        Beverage Warehouse
        4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

        1. re: Dogbite Williams

          sorry, i don't know.
          most of the drinking i do at home is of wine.
          for beer drinking, i usually go out.

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            I'm not sure which Whole Foods Market you have checked but the location that I linked to here (and several others) have an amazing selection of domestic craft beers and also some excellent imported choices mixed in with a lot of the macro brews. Also the selection varies from store to store as they have different buyers and local distribution delivery drivers. My strategy is to talk to the 'beer guy' and they are usually very helpful.

            Whole Foods Market
            760 S Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245

            1. re: sel

              +1 - this WF has so much floor space. Beer is dedicated to multiple areas (cooler around a food kiosk, a cooler/island adjacent to it, as well as a wall cooler, and the dedicated beer cooler a few aisles away) but walk around and actively look for small beer displays scattered around the back and toward the cheese area as well. As much as I like the selection at Beverage Warehouse, the beer at WF is kept relatively cool to cold - no skunky beer.

            2. re: Dogbite Williams

              I don't know if they let you break a six pack, but they do have a huge selection of beers sold only as single bottles.

              1. re: PaulF

                they do let you break a six pack

          2. Downtown, there's the 8th Street Bottle Shop in the Golden Gopher Bar. They have a lot of seasonal and interesting beers, and you can talk to the staff about what they recommend for your taste.

            In Echo Park, there's the new Sunset Beer Co. which also has a great selection and knowledgeable staff.

            Cap'n Cork liquor store in Los Feliz at 1674 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles 90027 has a great selection of beer, wine and liquor.

            Golden Gopher
            417 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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              I have not made it to Sunset Beer Company yet but if anyone does go there ask to speak with Alex for suggestions. He is one of the sharpest and most knowlegable beer guys in the area!

              Sunset Beer Company
              1498 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

              1. re: madcao

                +1 on Sunset Beer & Cap'n Cork (Cap'n Cork also has some interesting wines on sale in the barrels on the end cap)

              2. Red Carpet Wines & Spirits has a very large selection of both domestic craft and imported beers.

                Red Carpet Wines & Spirits
                400 E Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA

                1. The Wine House on the westside had some really good stuff.

                  Wine House
                  2311 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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                  1. re: Robert Thornton

                    They have their beer list online as part of their website (although for some reason my link didn't arrive here as I was reading it on their website so I took it down).

                    1. re: Robert Thornton

                      I agree with Wine House, we bought a ton of single bottles to give as a gift. They also have a great selection of hard liquor too :o)

                      Wine House
                      2311 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA

                    2. You might have guessed from my handle, but this is my area of expertise.

                      Beverage Warehouse in MDR, rec'd by Westsidegal is great in terms of QUANTITY of beer. They have all the major, widely distributed (obviously that term is used in a relative sense) craft brews. If you were like Dogbite Williams, I'd recommend it because someone like that just wants good beer, not the rarest most deluxe bourbon barrel aged imperial stout or the special, one off sour ale bottled once a millennium with 100 bottles in existence. The thing about BevWa is they don't have a single beer that you couldn't find anywhere else EXCEPT for the few cases of Leffe Brune they have left which I discovered for them.

                      If you are looking for things a bit more esoteric, I can recommend Wally's Wine, which has a nice albeit small selection of beers.

                      If you're looking for something VERY esoteric or something in particular, an option you might consider is joining a site like beeradvocate.com or ratebeer.com and doing a beer exchange with the members there.

                      At the end of the day, Total Wine is pretty hard to beat although there aren't many near me.

                      I've heard from a good and very beer-trustworthy friend that Cap n' Cork is GREAT but I'm a westsider myself, and I haven't made it out there yet. Another commonly rec'd beer store is vendome.

                      But at the end of the day, Whole Foods is EXCELLENT for beer, you really can't ask for much better. They often have rare or unique beers, and it's even worth checking out different WFs because they don't all have the same stuff. WF gets a lot of flack on here, but not from us beer people. We love it.

                      BevMo is awful.

                      Beverage Warehouse
                      4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

                      Total Wine
                      394 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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                      1. re: BrewNChow

                        Cap n cork is just slightly below Beverage Warehouse.
                        Nice list of beers but nothing crazy...

                        I would rank Vendome Toluca higher in terms of hard to find beers over Cap.

                        I would also recommend Wallys. Play nice, ask what is being held in the back room.

                        Beer trading is the best way to obtain hard to find non local beers but you will be paying a premium for your beer in terms of time and money.

                        Still if you want to impress your BG friends it's the way to go. It's also a nice way to payback your BG friends for sharing something special with you.

                        Bevmo is not awful I don't know how you can even say that.
                        They are not going to have anything to impress your BG friends but it is far from awful.

                        I agree on Wholefoods (Glendale) they have can have just as good of selection as the best bottle shops in town.

                        Beverage Warehouse
                        4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

                        1. re: burntwater

                          I say it because they don't have a good beer selection at all and they are notorious for storing their beer poorly, eg bottles sit on shelves in direct sunlight for ages. Of course, they do vary from location to location but BevMo is where you go when you have general alcohol needs. If you're looking for a rec for beer specifically, as TS is, BevMo is not a good rec at all.

                          1. re: BrewNChow

                            Hmmm I never read this from two plus years ago but yeah you are still on crack if you think Bevmo is does not have a good beer selection at all.

                            I have been to a lot of Bevmos and have never seen beer in direct sunlight how is that even possible with a roof over their heads. Your talking direct sun rays on the bottles correct?

                            When you say awful I'm thinking AM/PM awful and Bevmo is way above a AM/PM.


                          2. re: burntwater

                            I agree with all this. Vendome and Wally's are best for scoring really hard-to-find beers.

                            1. re: burntwater

                              I wouldn't say that Pavilions is better than some of the spots being named in this thread, but I did want to point out that my local Pavilions (Marina Del Rey) now has a "beer shelf" with a nice selection of harder to find brews. Probably not much there that can't be found at BW or a Vendome, but for a supermarket they have a really nice selection.

                            2. re: BrewNChow

                              I second Total Wine but it's in Northridge.

                            3. Galco's on York Blvd on Highland Park. Know for all their sodas, they have a large selection of beers and can buy by the bottle.

                              1. Try Total Wine in Northridge or Redondo Beach - 2,500 different beers. For a more curated selection, I go to Cap-n-Cork in Los Feliz.

                                Total Wine
                                394 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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                                1. re: lil mikey

                                  I did check the Total Wine Northridge catalog. They do carry a wide variety of beers, including Dogfish Head Midas Touch which contains Muscat grapes, honey and saffron.

                                  Thanks for the recommendation.

                                  Total Wine
                                  394 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

                                2. Picked up a Deschutes Abyss at Total Wine.

                                  1. This may be a stretch, but The Bruery 715 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA is a lovely microbrewery just over the line in Orange County. Really nice people and really good beer. Plus, your beer couldn't be fresher.

                                    1. 55 Degree Wine in Atwater Village or Andrew's Cheese Shop in Santa Monica.

                                      1. Agree with the others on Total Wine and More, but when I'm not around there I'm at K&L Wines. I like it a little better than Cap n Cork, they have a more seasonal selection. Just picked up Russian River's Damnation #23 from K&L, which is the same as Damnation but double fermented and the flavors are amped up and delicious!

                                        1. Buzz wine shop in DTLA has a decent selection. But if you're not afraid to go to East LA, then it's all about Ramirez Liquor on Soto. Best selection by far and more reasonably priced. Hard to find, seasonal stuff here too. Greatest keg selection as well.

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                                            1. re: JAB

                                              I find it on the NE corner of S. Spring and W 5th...unless there is another one in DTLA by the same name?

                                              Sorry - You meant Ramerize Liquor: http://ramirezliquor.com/store/

                                              1. re: JAB

                                                sorry...sotto and whittier....a true find in LA

                                              2. re: peppermonkey

                                                I was recently visiting LA from my native Toronto, bought a whole bunch of beers that we will NEVER get there.

                                                I second the Ramirez recco. Also hitup Buzz (pretty decent, seemed slightly pricey) and Jason's Wine & Spirits (also downtown LA, solid selection of weirder Belgian Lambics etc.).

                                                But hands down. Ramirez was where it was at. Not just for California brews either. They had a solid offering from Hair of the Dog (Portland) to Founders (Michigan). If I came back, my $ would be concentrated there.

                                                1. re: peppermonkey

                                                  FYI to all, Ramirez just opened a new huge location with over 1,300 beers on Olympic just East of Soto not far from the original location on Soto just North of Whittier. This should offset the negative mojo of the opening of a Starbucks nearby.

                                                  1. re: peppermonkey

                                                    Ramirez just opened a fabulous new place on Olympic by the old Sears building . It is porported to have over 1300 different bottles and I'd believe if from our trip. I was looking for some bottles from KC's Boulevard Brewery. They had a selecton of 7 different brews. It is closer to our house than most of our usual places. This makes Dommy very happy

                                                    Ramirez Beverage Center
                                                    2765 E Olympic bl
                                                    Los Angeles, CA http://ramirezliquor.com/store/

                                                    7 Days 9a-Midnight

                                                    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                                      I checked this place out online. I'm wondering if they actually carry all that stuff and can keep it stored properly.

                                                      1. re: Beachowolfe

                                                        I had the same misgivings but have yet to be burned either at the new location or the old one up the street on Soto. This is includes a Mikkeler 'it's alive' which was fresh as could be for a beer from de proef.

                                                        Selection is huge if a bit unfocused. No huge bargains to be had but all prices are on the lower end. And the higher end 750mls were a particularly good value.

                                                        1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                                                          I noticed that some of the 750mls, especially Cascade, were like 5-6 bucks cheaper than Duck Blind in samo.

                                                  2. Not the biggest collection but Woodland Hills wine company in the valley has some pretty good beer.

                                                    1. Didn't get a chance to actually validate any of these places, and Ramirez isn't even on it but this looks like a fairly thorough list:


                                                      1. Valley Beverage Company

                                                        14901 Ventura Blvd

                                                        Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

                                                        (818) 981-WINE

                                                        1. Lots of interesting stuff at Duck Blind in Santa Monica.

                                                          1. Try Vendome. They have a good selection of craft brews.

                                                            1. Cost Plus World Market. Not a large variety, but an interesting one...

                                                              1. Garfield Liquor in East LA/Montebello is a surprising neighborhood gem. It's hard to

                                                                Actually found Mitten cider ( http://virtuecider.com/our-ciders/ ) there. I mean, whoah.

                                                                2433 W Whittier Blvd
                                                                Montebello, CA

                                                                1. K&L on Sunset & Vine has a great bottled selection. Lots of Belgian as well as Alpine Beer Co, Logsdon, Jolly Pumpkin, Mikeller, Russian River, etc.