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Nov 23, 2011 02:24 PM

Storing Apple Pie--Is Plastic Wrap the Best?

After the pie has cooled, do you wrap it in plastic wrap? Thank you!

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  1. You can, but I do not. Everyone swipes a small slice every time they pass it, so It's always gone by the 3rd day anyway, and never tastes stale. I do cover it if we leave the house for an extended period of time because I don't trust our cat. My pies are too big for my covered cake dish, or I'd use it.

    1. I don't wrap it in plastic wrap because the condensation, which occurs over to a greater or lesser degree regardless of the environment, makes the crust limp and soggy. I will sometimes put it inside a large paper bag that I fold closed and leave it on the counter. It doesn't last more than a day or two so that's enough to maintain its appeal.

      1. No.

        If I'm going to leave it out overnight on the counter, I put a big plastic bowl over it, wedged at the bottom with a chopstick so that it can breathe.

        That said, I really like cold apple pie ... and so mine usu. goes in the fridge to be paired with coffee the next morning.

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          I hate soft crust, so I usually just press a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper in to cover the cut edges.