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Nov 23, 2011 01:48 PM

where to find JAPANESE mandarin oranges

Hello, I am originally from the West and this time of year there are always Japanese Mandarin oranges available at all the supermarkets. Here in Montreal, I have only seen clementines from Morocco, Spain etc. but they do not at all have the same taste. Anyone ever come across the Japanese variety?

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  1. While not quite the same, the Ottawa T&T is carrying Taiwanese ponkan (Chintese honey tangerine) for $1.99/lb. Ponkan is also grown in Miyazaki prefecture.

    Granted, it's a 2+ hour drive to get them, but you can make a shopping day of it.

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      I too am from the West and miss Japanese Mandarin, so much better than clementines. My daughter bought a box of Chinese Mandarins last week from PA on Parc and they were good.