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Biodynamic and Natural Wines in LA

Hi -

I am visiting from NYC. There are many wine merchants there who sell biodynamic and natural wines.

Does anyone in LA sell such wines? If so, where?

E.g., of a vintner sold in major nyc wine stores: Thierry Puzelat.

Nothing here in LA, so far.


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  1. DomaineLA.

    to drink it "there": Lou's.

    1. Silver Lake Wines on Glendale Blvd. across from GingerGrass in the Silver Lake area.
      Many, many to choose from.
      Nicest people to do business with, btw!

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      1. I just did a search on Wine-Searcher.com Pro and there is not a single retailer in California, much less in Los Angeles, selling Thierry Puzelat. Bio and natural wines have not made the splash here that they have made in NYC. California wines are much more popular here, although bigger retailers like K&L will usually have a couple of imported natural wines in their inventory.

        P.S. I order almost all of my wine from NYC and have it shipped here. I like Uva in Brooklyn, PJ in Washington Heights and Astor and Chambers Street. We just don't have merchants like that here.

        By the way, Thierry Puzelat. is imported by Louis/Dressner Selections in NYC - :212.334.8191, one of my favorite importers. You can call them and see if they have any distribution of Thierry Puzelat.in Los Angeles, but I doubt it if it is not showing up on Wine-Searcher.com Pro. Unfortunately, Louis/Dressner wines are hard to find in this town. The late Joe Dressner was a huge cheerleader for bio wines.

        P.S.S. I recently bought a bottle of biodynamic wine, ordered from NYC, to dinner and my dining companion, who is a big lover of California wines, took a couple of sips and then refused to drink it, saying it must have been damaged during the shipping from NYC. He refused to believe me when I told him it tasted exactly like it was supposed to taste. He may be the typical Los Angeles wine drinker, which may explain why it is not easy to find biodynamic wines in Los Angeles. People here seem to love highly manipulated wines.

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        1. re: omotosando

          I know the Louis/Dressner folks well. They supply my friend's restaurants.

          I am in LA looking for exactly that, and having difficulty finding it. BUT....

          THANK YOU THANK YOU to the folks who recommended Silverlake Wines. Excellent call!

          Silverlake Wine
          2395 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          1. re: omotosando

            louis/dressner are folks i know. they supply my friend's restaurants... and i shop at astor and uva.

            just looking for something here in la.

            1. re: mns1172

              For the most part, you are probably better off in a restaurant. Osteria Mozza has biodynamic Italian wines on their list, including those of Arianna Occhipinti, who is represented by Louis/Dressner. http://www.findeatdrink.com/Index/Dri... Arianna says that Thierry Puzelat is one of her favorite winemakers.

              Osteria Mozza
              6602 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

            2. re: omotosando

              "Unfortunately, Louis/Dressner wines are hard to find in this town." You're not looking very hard. They're all over the place. Too bad you haven't bothered to seek out LDM wines in Los Angeles and pay shipping from NYC. I buy a lot of them, including Puzelat.

              1. re: choucroutegarni

                Not sure who all these "secret" merchants are who carry Louis/Dressner wines and who don't list their inventory on http://www.wine-searcher.com/ Pro, even though there is no charge for a merchant to list on the Pro version.

                Would love to find Olga Raffault Les Picasses (a Louis/Dressner wine) on the West Coast, much less in Los Angeles, but it's just not available to my knowledge.

                If a merchant isn't on Wine-Searcher.com Pro, they are not equipped for e-commerce and, if they are not equipped for e-commerce (unless they happen to be in my immediate neighborhood), I'm really not interested in doing business with them because driving 30 or 40 minutes in traffic just to browse at a wine store is not how I do my shopping. (Nor do I like to spend time on the telephone with clerks in retail stores asking them to recite their current inventory to me).

                At least with a place like K&L, which is not conveniently located to me, I can see online what they have in stock and then decide if I want to drive across town to pick it up. And, as someone mentioned, K&L will ship free to its Hollywood store from its Northern California locations.

            3. Palate in Glendale may have some things. At the least, they have definitely been carrying Jenny & Fran├žois's "From The Tank" (box wine). Agree with the suggestion to visit K&L; also, their website lets you filter for organic / biodynamic wines, and they can ship stuff down from the Bay area (for free) for will-call if you order online.

              For drinking rather than buying, check out Lou wine bar - they have an interesting selection, and tend to have a lot of natural wines on their list.

              There are definitely California producers who produce wines using some of these techniques (Coturri, for example, whatever you think of the wines or their rabid anti-added-sulfites stance). The style of the wines they make may not please terroirists like Alice Feiring, but there are definitely producers who are at least adopting certain farming and winemaking practices. I think as far as imported stuff, the importers tend to be different here, and many of the importers who are bringing in interesting natural wines seem to be based on the east coast (I've even done mail-order from shops there). I think the relative lack of recognizable importers who attach a label to the wine (like Louis Dressner, Jenny & Fran├žois, etc.) makes it harder to find these wines here even when they're out there, so asking around at the shop is another approach to take. I have heard good things about Kermit Lynch, a Bay-area based importer, but I don't think they feature exclusively natural wines.

              Some of it probably is just LA's culture; I think there is a little bit of a shift towards natural wines, lower alcohol, less oak, but not to the degree that there is in New York or even San Francisco.

              I have been to Silver Lake Wine a few times, but haven't really been able to get into it for some reason.

              1. Demetria Estates up in the Santa Ynez Valley practices biodynamic farming for some of their wines. You may be able to find it at some wine shops in the area, and Westside Tavern serves the Pantheon. I believe that is one of the biodynamically produced blends.

                Westside Tavern
                10850 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                1. We have a steadily growing support for natural wines in LA. Top retail shops to find a good natural wine selection are: Domaine LA, Buzz Wines, Palate, Colorado Wine, Wine House, K&L. Many restaurants/wine bars are offering natural wines as well: Lou, Axe, Mignon, Bar Covell, Lukshon, Night Market, Salts Cure, and many more that always have a couple natural wines on their list if you ask.
                  It's a shame that some of the commenters who live in LA are not supporting the shops and distributors who have brought these wines to CA. Almost all of the major natural wine importers that are well known in NY are represented here (Savio Soares Selections, Louis Dressner, Jenny & Francois).

                  1. www.ambythestate.blogspot.com
                    Phillip Mary: 805-305-9497

                    Call Phillip or Mary to find out where their wine is sold in LA, their wine is biodynamic and amazing, I am part of their case autoship every 6 months

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                    1. re: oxygenozone

                      Wine Searcher Pro is not showing any retail distribution anywhere. Perhaps they only sell at the winery and to restaurants.

                    2. Dirler (biodynamic) makes a great white and sparkler (cremant). I've purchased it at The Wine House and Woodland Hills Wine Company.

                      I'd call first - WHWC is currently out of the sparkler - I bought all they had. But they could likely order more.

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                      1. re: foodiemahoodie

                        I'm curious about the sparkler and the taste profile. The only U.S. availability that is showing up for the sparkler is Blanc & Rouge in New York.

                        Other than that, Wine House has their Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Muscat, Wally's has a 2007 muscat and their only other Los Angeles distribution seems to be Woodland Hills Wine which has a number of whites and a Pinot Noir (I actually didn't know they did Pinot in Alsace).

                        1. re: omotosando

                          At WHWC, I can recommend the Allimant-Laugner Cremant Rose, while not realy a natural wine, it is quite tastey. For natural sparkling consider Sparkling Loires (usually from Vovray) from Pinon, Chidaine or Huet. These wines should be readily availabe in the LA market. If you want to up the ante and go to Champagnes, consider Larmandier-Bernier, Cedric Bouchard, Francis Boulard, Georges Laval or Franck Pascal. Again, with the right search you can find these wines usually in the LA/OC area.

                          1. re: Grog

                            Thanks for the champagne recommendations. The Larmandier-Bernier is showing availability in LA/OC at Wine Exchange in Orange and Wine House in West L.A. and the only availability for the Cedric Bouchard is the 2005 rose at Hi-Time Cellars in Costa Mesa.

                            The Francis Boulard is only showing availability in the U.S. in New York. Franck Pascal has no West Coast availability except at one store in Washington state and one store in Northern California (too bad I got this recommendation too late, as yesterday I ordered olive oil from the Northern California store and they could have shipped the Pascal with it). Georges Laval is only showing availability in New York, Florida and Washington state. (The description of the 2004 vintage Georges Laval makes me want to order a bottle, but it is quite pricey so I restrained myself).

                      2. Some discussion of the terms natural, organic and biodynamic have been moved over to our General Topics board, since they're of interest to more than LA posters: http://www.chow.com/topics/826544

                        1. Since this thread has been bumped up -- Lou Amdur is the man to see for this now. http://louprovisions.com/, 720 N Virgil Ave.

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                          1. re: Papuli

                            Definitely, and I hear he's opening a new place as well.

                            1. re: Papuli

                              Lou is an outstanding source, yet Silver Lake Wines also provides many, many examples of wines for your tasting pleasure, 2.5 years later from the original post.
                              Hilary - are you at WFM?

                            2. Excellent thread. I'm also curious about natural wine sources around LA, particularly restos and wine bars, as I plan to head there end of this month. Places I've heard: Domaine LA, Silver Lake, Bar and Garden, Barsha, Les Marchands in SB. And for resto Salts Cure.


                              disclosure: I own Vineyard Gate a wine shop in Millbrae, CA in SF Bay Area, which has a focus on natural wines.

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                              1. re: AlexBernardo

                                Definitely check out Lou's also
                                He has interesting and unusual selections, and is also super nice to chat with.

                              2. My favorite little shop: Bar Garden in Culver City hold all of their labels to the highest standard...


                                1. Sotto has a fantastic selection of natural/biodynamic wines.

                                  My favorite is the Ippolito 1845 Calabrise.