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Nov 23, 2011 11:31 AM

store bought veggie broth recs?

Twice, I had to throw out soup because the veggie broths I used tasted strange, a bit hard to describe, a little metallic maybe? Not like real veggies? I know I could make my own broth, but I'm looking for quick and easy. Anyone use store bought veggie broths that are good? I tried Pacific Low Sodium Veggie Broth and Imagine Low Sodium Veggie Broth. When I use these to thin out pasta sauce (my family doesn't like thick sauce), there is no problem with flavor, probably because the tomatoes from the sauce are the shining stars. Not so in my soups. Thanks for any help or thoughts you might have and Happy Turkey Day to all.

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  1. I like Imagine's No-Chicken broth to use for Thanksgiving type dishes, because it has a less tomato-y taste than regular veggie broth. Not very low in sodium, though, so I remove all other salt from a recipe.

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      I like this one, too, but use it carefully because of the sodium content. We're trying to cut back on our intake. I don't salt, either, when using No-Chicken broth.

    2. I like Kitchen Basics brand roasted vegetable stock... green box. It looks like they may only sell the "low-sodium" version of it now. This is the closest commercial vegetable broth to how my homemade stock tastes.

      Imagine's "no-chicken" as mentioned above is also not bad - I use it for applications that need a more chicken stock type flavor. I'm not a big fan of the Pacific brand. Some people seem to like Better than Boullion... I haven't tried it yet, but bought a jar in case of "stock emergencies". The organic & vegetarian ones don't seem to have as many flavor enhancers as the standard ones, though they do have yeast extract for an extra savory kick.

      I usually dilute most commercial stocks a bit.

      Making your own is the best. A bit labor intensive, so I reduce mine and freeze into ice cubes. I use the one from the yellow "Gourmet" cookbook, up online here:

      For Asian style recipes, I sometimes make a quick, light stock with kombu, and maybe some soybean or mung bean sprouts, carrots, and ginger.

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          +1 for Better than Bullion. They have a few vegetarian stocks, and I think at least one is organic.

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          I second Kitchen Basics. Ironically, I think I can only find the full-sodium version in the veggie. I use all the flavors of this company's stock!! I think it's really terrific.

        3. Last year I made stuffing for a vegetarian guest; I used Pacific Organic Vegetable Broth and I thought it did a fine job. This year I used it as a base for turkey broth which turned out mighty fine. I'll use most of that to moisten cornbread stuffing tomorrow. I have started keeping this vegetable broth in my pantry as a staple. I tasted it a few days ago, straight from the box. I thought it had a light onion flavor.

          1. Swanson's, in the box not the can.

            1. If you have Pavilion's or Safeway nearby, I love their O Organics brand veggie broth. It tastes much heartier than anything else I've tried. I find Trader Joe's version to be watery and flavorless.

              I think I bought a Wolfgang Puck one once as well, and it was pretty flavorful.

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                Haven't heard of Pavilion's. I've heard of Safeway, but I live in New England and there aren't any where I live, at least to my knowledge. Maybe I'll check out O Organics and Wolfgang Puck's broth on line.