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Birthday Dinner in UBUD Bali

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  • fex Nov 23, 2011 10:33 AM
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Where should my boyfriend and I go to celebrate my 25th Birthday in Ubud? We want to have a special, beautiful, delicious meal so something pricey would be okay if it were worth it. I've looked into Mozaic, but most people say it's not worth the price...

Thoughts?? Ideas??

Would very much appreciate it!

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  1. I'd say Mozaic's the best by far, but other top Ubud options (if price is not an issue) include:

    1. Beduur http://www.ubudhanginggardens.com/web...

    2. Glow http://www.cse.como.bz/eat-and-drink/...

    3. Kemiri http://www.uma.ubud.como.bz/eat-and-d...

    4. Maya Sari Mas http://www.mayaubud.com/services-acti...