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Nov 23, 2011 10:25 AM

Kid-friendlier than Hugo's, Fore Street or 555 in Portland? Are we crazy to bring a 1 year old?

A friend recommended we go to Hugo's, Fore Street or 555 while we visit Portland. While all three restaurants sound amazing (esp. based on comments on Chowhound), we're a little nervous about bringing our 1-year-old with us to any of them. Could we get away with an earlier (5:30) dinner time with a kid? Or should we look for a place that's a bit more kid-friendly? If so, what would you recommend that - although it goes without saying - still has great food? Thanks for your help!

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

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  1. Of the three, Fore St and that's still a stretch IMO. I don't think I'd call it kid friendly but it is a bit livelier than the other two. As 1 year old's can be unpredictable, I'd probably look elsewhere. I don't think I ever had a truly relaxed even semi upscale meal with my kids when they were that little. Even when they were good, I was usually too uptight to enjoy myself. If I had to take baby for a walk, it didn't hurt as much when I was spending $15 per person vs $50.

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        Very helpful! I was looking for a post like this and hadn't found it yet. Thanks!

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          Of the kid friendly places mentioned in the other thread I'd add the newer Otto on Congress St. by Washington Ave. Last time I stopped by on a Friday night there were a lot kids. Better pizza than Flatbread though Flatbread is a much better location, especially for a visitor. In either place you can dress the kid in a ty-died t-shirt and cut him loose.

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            any pizza place or Miss Portland Diner would be fine..............