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The Construction Site - Grilled Cheese

As I was walking by the Y&Eg intersection, I noticed that the Construction SIte, a new grilled cheese sandwich joint was open. It's located in the former Druxy spot.

The menu features stuff like:

- The Classic with aged cheddar - $5.50 you can add bacon, etc.

- The Funghi is Swiss with truffled oyster mushrooms on bread with encrusted parm - $9.

- The Smore is milk chocolate and marshmallows in between brioche bread dipped in graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar - $7.50.

I didn't have a chance to try it today but will stop by.


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  1. It was jammed - smelled delicious. I'll be going soon as well..for the Reuben!

    1. i noticed it as well.
      VERY strange name. hope it does well in an arena that tends to have silly resto turnover

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        Yes, very odd name... I guess it is some sort of "theme" because inside based on the pics it looks like they are using some unfinished materials like plywood, etc.

        Anyone know what type of "grill cheese" makes they are using? The press they have a pic of looks pretty interesting!

        Had me thinking about the guy who invented the FLIP camera who was going to do a grilled cheese sandwich chain. Wonder if that ever launched... Wondering how quickly "Contsruction Site's" machine can get cheese melty..

      2. I was very disappointed after buying 2 sandwiches from here today. The place was slammed. I'm not trying to run the place down, but in all honesty the prices are way too high considering the size and content of what your getting, and they were very greasy too. Oh and the chips (really) weren't great either. I hope they read these reviews because the location is fantastic & everybody loves grilled cheese, but guy's put more cheese in if you are going to charge what you do, and throw the tomatoes in as well!!! It's no wonder the turnover of restaurants are so high, some people just don't get it!!

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          Not to mention the absolute dumbest name for the place ever....talk about a handicap!

          1. In what universe does the "Classic" GC have aged cheddar??

            To me, the classic is sandwich bread and sliced cheese. Certainly not fancy, aged cheddar.


            1. The anticipation of a "Grilled Cheese" joint was exciting, the name i didn't get, but for a great sandwich I'm willing to over look that. I was so excited to have a place to go to so close to home where i can enjoy my favorite comfort food. Finally the time has come to try an interesting twist on the "classic"grilled cheese sandwich. I walk through the door and take a menu, only to find 7 variations of a sandwich. I look over the menu with my spouse and we decide to get a "classic" and I being adventurous tried the Funghi:Swiss. We ordered at the front entrance of the store, which is a bit confusing since the register is at the back. While we watched the sandwiches being made we already felt the disappointment. The sandwiches were small and paper thin. The press they used was interesting, but that being said I've never had a grilled cheese sandwich with ridges before, and I must say, I'm not a fan.So now we wait, counting down the people before us, number 23, number 24, bingo number 25 that's us! We take our boxes and go, so excited to try our sandwiches we don't even wait to get home(1.2 km away), we open the boxes in the car and chow down. Wow, I took my first bite and couldn't believe that it was bland, which was very surprising to me considering I never add salt to my food, that being said I walked on the edge and tried something new. So i handed my spouse his half and waited impatiently for his response. The answer was not good, he turned to me and said "really? wow, that's very disappointing". I had to agree, the sandwich was small, greasy and bland. Now on to the chips, they say "because you'll love our chips that much" you'll want to buy a box, good thing we didn't . We honestly thought we would get fries, as in fish and chips, our bad, we got chips, literally chips, like Lays. So why charge $5.00 for Lays ripple chips? I can walk to Loblaws and pay $2.00 for a whole bag, and sprinkle thyme and rosemary on those. All that being said I will not return to the construction site unless there is major renovation.

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                If those chips were as great as fresh chips could be, you wouldn't even be thinking about Lay's. Very unfortunate sounding but IMO no surprise because any person/people who choose to name a grilled cheese place "Under Construction" .... honestly doesn't have a clue.

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                  To be fair, I think it is called "The Construction Site" which is equally as bad or worse...

                  But, looks like their website is indeed "under construction" because I can't access it this morning!

                  Thanks for the reviews everyone, I am not in the area often but I will be avoiding it unless things change.

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                    LOL - yea you're right...and I agree equally bad - but it was really just a typo. I happened to walk by last night and it smelled great from the outside. There were two people eating in. I'm with you though..I will wait until they are past the learning curve.

              2. my guess is their name's a tribute to their mission statement.

                1. Real grilled cheese doesn't have ripples in the bread. Panini cheese sandwiches is what it sounds they should be called.

                  Now I'm getting nostalgic for my version of the sandwich, fried in a cast iron frying pan with some butter on the outside slices and a nice splotch of ketchup on my plate for dunking when the sandwich is ready. When I feel the need to be artistic, I add a bread and butter pickle or two on the side.

                  Homemade potato chips are grand, but these ones don't sound so great.

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                  1. re: Pincus

                    I went this morning. Had the s'mores sandwich... which wasn't worth the $8.50. The service was slow, even though I was the only person there.
                    I'd go back and try it one more time, on a weekend and get a savoury sandwich... But I don't think I'll be a regular.

                    1. re: rbc

                      Went today for lunch to satisfy my grilled cheese/tomato soup craving. The ripples in the bread referred to in previous posts are no more - it was a properly buttered and toasted sandwich. I had the All day breakfast (a grilled cheese with a hole cut out and an egg is fried in the hole). It was a classic grilled cheese, with flavourful cheddar, and the TCS chutney for dipping. The egg was a nice addition, and didn't take anything away from the cheesiness of the sandwich. The tomato soup (with small chunks of feta and red pepper) was a standout, and I will be back for more. The chips were ok. I understand that they are testing side salads - a napa cabbage version.

                      1. re: siki2

                        I had this last week, I asked them to keep the yolk runny.... I took the sandwich up to my office, cut into it, cooked solid and dry, this place is not worth the money. I was given two free coupons when this placed opened and that is the only reasons I have been there twice.

                        1. re: flying101

                          Wow, where and when did u get the free coupons? Were they handing them out in the store? Or out on the street?

                          1. re: caitlink

                            They were giving them out for the day just prior to opening. It was valid for 1 free 'any' sandwich. A couple people in my office grabbed them and we had them sitting in the office, no body has been impressed enough to go back again.

                  2. Was just perusing this thread and decided to check out their website. Looks like they're doing a special "Robbie Burns" grilled cheese with haggis in honour of the big day tomorrow. I would love a report back if anyone tries it! Daring, for sure.

                    1. Just got an e-mail from Sherway Gardens this morning and it mentioned that a new location of "The Construction Site" is now open at Sherway. Doubt I will try it based on the reviews here.

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                        So the name will be even that much more ridiculous (if possible) when its a food stall at a food court!

                      2. There was a place in Kensington Market that did GCs only too. I predict the same fate for this place too. I don't think a restaurant can make it selling overpriced grilled cheese sandwiches. I wouldn't try it out, mostly because I have a fairly large ego when it comes to making slammin' grilled cheese sammies

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                          Did The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market close?

                          1. re: air621

                            "I don't think a restaurant can make it selling overpriced grilled cheese sandwiches"

                            It just needs to be done right. eg: Melt Bar and Grilled, Cleveland, OH

                            1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                              A place named Melt Grilled Cheese is opening on Lakeshore (Etobicoke) this month and the pricing looks great! Yes The Grilled Cheese is still thriving in Kensington. Construction Site seems to have had a bad start - has it improved? Cheesewerks is the other dud but I am not sure there is much hope for them - time will tell.