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Nov 23, 2011 09:28 AM

Soft Shell Crab sandwich - South Tampa

Stopped by this new seafood place called Chubasco next the interbay meat market close to interbay and macdill. Looks a little sketchy from outside but there are two super nice guys running it inside. I had a softshell sandwich with a huge tomato, lettuce, and tartar. It was delicious and.... It was $5. I'll be back again and again.

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    1. re: the_sneeb

      Pretty eyes. Thanks for this. I will have to check it out. $5 is very reasonable for a soft-shell crab sandwich.

    2. I went by there the other day, but had just mowed down a cuban at interbay, and wished I had some room left, the sammich sounded awesome! Glad to hear it is in fact awesome.

      1. That is awesome. I've always been a little afraid of that place. Good info!