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Nov 23, 2011 08:41 AM

How to make a kosher roux?

I need to make my gravy kosher. I made stock from a kosher bird now how to make the roux without using butter. Help please.

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  1. Just browsing through the general Chowhound board and saw your post. I am quite ignorant in all things, but I have made a roux or two. You can make a roux from almost any type of fat including butter, rendered fat (think bacon grease or lard), and oils.
    To make a simple roux, I would say you can use a kosher vegetable oil.
    Don't know if this helps.

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    1. re: porker

      Thanks porker, bacon grease or lard are a little hard to come by in our world....but yes, rendered fat will do just as well as parve or chicken shmaltz work fantastically well.

    2. yeah a roux is any fat combined with flour. the ratio michael ruhlman uses is 3parts flour to 2 parts fat, and then for every 1 part roux, he suggests that thickens 10 parts can make a roux with oil, margarine, or whatever you have on hand...

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      1. Earth Balance is little more buttery tasting if that matters. You & your *PAREVE* roux will be fine. (FWIW...a dairy based roux is kosher, but becomes unkosher when mixed with a meat juices)

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        1. re: vallevin

          Just tried Earth Balance to make a roux to thicken my stew a bit. Worked just fine. :-)

        2. I generally make my roux with olive oil. Butter is not a necessity. Other vegetable oils would work as well. You can also thicken gravy with cornstarch or arrowroot.

          1. Got cholent is right. Save your duck and chicken fat and use it. Empire also sells little containers of chicken fat. This will give you the best flavor.

            If you're cooking milchig, use real butter.

            Otherwise, any good oil, but you won't get the flavor poultry fat can give you.