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Nov 23, 2011 08:39 AM

Le Creuset Deal

I searched for a sales thread, but none seems to exist.

As part of a holiday deals promotion, if you are a TD credit card holder, you can purchase a Le Creuset 5.2L Round French Oven online for $119.99 (manufacturer's retail sales price $329.99). Free shipping is included. The only downside is that you can't physically inspect prior to purchase. I know it's difficult to find sales like these in Toronto (the ones at Winners are typically "second choice" products and not this deeply discounted) so hopefully someone can make use of this offer.

Product link:

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    1. re: principessa del pisello

      Oops, sorry! There were some still available when I created the thread. Like ylsf, I'm pretty sure these were not second choice. Premium quality only. No wonder it was snatched up so quickly.

    2. No clue about the TD "deal," but the Winners(sic) merch is typically seconds and/or scratch&dent schlock in odd-ball colours.

      Probably the best deal going now is at Costco for a flame-coloured French-made oven for just under $80. Far better fit-n-finish than the Chinese-made junk on offer elsewhere for only a few bucks less.

      1. Oh man, missed out on this. Thanks for the post.... The RFDers are so focussed on electronics stuff that I didn't see this posted there :)

        I have a Staubb already but at this price I would have picked up a second. Sure this isn't a "seconds" one that TD is selling as their list price is high and they have been selling good quality things are a deal lately....

        1. Theres a new Le Creuset outlet in Buffallo at the Fashion outlets. We have family in niagara region so we hopped over the broder and picked up a 7qt for just under 200 (with taxes). The goign price was 230 i think plus i got 30% off (all first time customers get it if you sign up to their mailign list. I got a 7qt roung french oven in either flame orange and carribean blue (my bf picked the color as a surprise - its under my tree!!) :D happy shopping