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Nov 23, 2011 08:37 AM

One late night in Hong Kong!

My boyfriend and I have a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong in January. We get into HK a little before 9pm and leave at 9am. We are going to stay overnight in a hotel and try and see as much of the city that we can. Any advice on where to eat for our one late night in Hong Kong? Should we stay in a hotel close to a certain area that has great street food, a great restaurant, or just near the airport?

Any advice on what ONE restaurant, or one area with good late night (after 10 or 11pm) food would be helpful.


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  1. DO NOT STAY NEAR THE AIRPORT!!!! Nothing in the vicinity! Furthermore, transportation in Hong Kong is super convenient! So head downtown!!

    Now to the hotel and food!

    Depending how much you want to spend on accommodation and food, my first choice will be to pick a hotel in the Tsim Sha Tsui district. Hotel selection ranges from the ultra-lux Peninsula to the slightly lower grade Intercontinental or Intercontinental Grand Stanford. Chain hotels like the Sheraton or Hyatt is also close by. If fine Chinese/Cantonese dining is your fancy, you can give the Michelin 1* Yan Toh Heen or Hoi King Heen a try. Both has last order around 10.30 - 11.00 pm. Yan Toh Heen has magnificent view of the harbour. If you like western food/seafood, there's the Oyster and wine bar in the Sheraton. Open late, very good seafood and also with a view. After your meal, you can head out to the harbour front, walk along the promenade and take in the greatest harbour view/skyline on earth!. If you still have time you can head north along Nathan road and do some actual or window shopping. If you wanted to do some 'food exploring' rather than fixed hotel dining. Again head up Nathan road and venture into the side streets! An eating place almost every few steps ranging from noodles to dumpling to various regional cuisine restaurants!

    My second choice would be to stay in a hotel like the Langham Place in Mong Kok. This district 'rocks' at night with tons and tons of night markets, hawker stands, small hole in the wall eating places...etc. You might consider taking in a light dinner at the Michelin 2* Ming Court inside the hotel and then head out to explore the night life and grab some street food!

    Lastly, Causeway Bay is another district with incredible night life and activities. So many places to eat, best to get yourself a Time out, Michelin guide or do some Google searching! There's a Holiday Inn across from one of the largest shopping/eating complex in Hong Kong - Times Square and Food Forum. Michelin star noodle place like Ho Hung Kee or 1* Shanghai dumpling place like Din Tai Fung are all within walking distances from the hotel too.

    Bottom line is, since Hong Kong is such a great place with great night life. Even with your short stay, choices and permutations to make those few hours a memorable ones can be astronomical!! Best is for you to furnish us with more infos on your budget and food wish list!!

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      Thanks for a wonderfully detailed response! I think I am going to book a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui since that seems to be the best location for a first time visit.

      We want to eat anywhere that will blow our minds. Price is not an issue but neither is elegance. We don't want to eat at an undeserving starred restaurant just because they have fancy napkins, but we are willing to pay the price for our 1 great meal. We are also not above a hole in the wall restaurant that is amazing.

      We were prefer to taste the local cuisine, and somewhere with a great view/ambiance would be best.

      Thanks for your help!