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Nov 23, 2011 07:42 AM

Angel Valley Organic Farmstand, Wednesdays 10am-2pm Northwest Austin

I have been meaning to try this farmstand forever, and needing car service last week made me drive past it when they happen to be there.

WOW they have the most beautiful produce I've seen since the San Francisco Ferry Market last year at this time. The colors of the veggies look so saturated. Everything looks like it literally just came out of the ground that morning. I've never had broccoli this fresh (the stem bottoms were white-white; just cut. Last week they had:
- deep deep green brussel leaves (sprouts aren't ready till March. These are the brussel LEAVES. "like collard greens, only sweeter")
- pink radishes
- fushia radishes
- deep purple kohlrabi

You could take those last 3 to Sherwin Williams for a paint match to decorate a girl's bedroom.

Remember to peek in each of the coolers on the ground around the tables. That's where they have all the lettuces and greens.

Their farmstand is off 183 between the Duval and Oak Knoll exits.
If you are heading NORTH on 183 and take the Duval exit: Take a LEFT on Duval and a RIGHT on Jollyville. Their farmstand will be on the RIGHT in the parking lot of the:
Asian American Cultural Center
11713 Jollyville Road

They told me last week they would be open today 10am - 2pm.

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  1. The Angel Valley Organic Farm newsletter makes me feel like I am right there with the farmer. And it makes me appreciate what a tough job they have, especially those gutsy enough to try to do it organically.

    Yesterday's excerpt:

    "It’s happened to us before. We’ve watched entire crops of cantaloupes and Mideast melons split open and rot in the field due to too much rain. What a melon really needs is dry weather. And heat. Lots of rain dilutes the sweetness with too much water; heat concentrates the sugars in the fruit. Last summer’s melons were outstanding and so far, it appears the same will be true this year."...

    "We’ll have all sorts of goodies for you on the 4th! Here’s what we’ll bring to the stand this Wednesday:

    OODLES of melons! — two types of icebox watermelons, cantaloupes and Mideast melons — plus tomatoes; three kinds of cherry tomatoes; loads of beautiful red and yellow bell peppers; zucchini, Zephyr and yellow squash; three varieties of eggplant; Asian cucumbers; okra; bunches of basil; sweet Yellow Granex onions; Cubanelle peppers; Benecio del Toro peppers; butternut squash, acorn squash and spaghetti squash from Sand Creek Farm; and some of this and that.

    Jo Dwyer
    Angel Valley Organic Farm

    Wednesdays 10:00-2:00 in NW Austin at the Asian American Center, 11713 Jollyville Road (1-1/2 blocks north of the intersection of Jollyville and Duval)"

    1. sounds like i need to get there

      1. Well, I just came from there and I'm as willing as the next guy to shell out a little more for food that I know is better then the drek they're selling you at the grocery chains, but these folk's prices are beyond steep.

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        1. re: ericthered

          They are steep but the stuff I've purchased from them in the past is near pristine in quality.

          Warning to those who have never been before: It's a free for all when 10am hits. Beware of getting elbowed out of they way by retired old lady's or stay at home Mom's who have just spent the last 15 minutes eying up the perfect tomato! and to my next beef...

          I really wish they'd open earlier so us working stiff's had an opportunity to buy from them.

          1. re: m3lissa

            You're right, it's like they work themselves into a frenzy waiting for the place to open.