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Nov 23, 2011 07:33 AM

buying konjac noodles in london

Hello dear CHounds, does anyone know where I can buy these low-carb, cal-free noodles in London? Have googled but no joy...

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  1. Is this the same as konnyaku "beancurd". I think it is. If so, you can often get these noodles in the chiller section of many Chinese supermarkets. I've seen it in See Woo on Lisle St in Chinatown, and also in my local Chinese supermarket in Peckham.

    1. You can get konnyaku in solid blocks to slice as well as in noodle form. Most of the Japanese stores will stock it. Here's an example of the extruded noodle form from the Japan Centre which you can purchase online should you not be able to get there easily:

      If you actually google shirataki rather than konjac or konnyaku you should find plenty more options.

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        DietStartsTomorrow has definitely identified a current trend - since I posted the link to the shirataki noodles at the Japan Centre an additional note has cropped up limiting purchases to three per customer. I've never seen this sort of note at this shop before.
        Neither of the alternative konnyaku blocks has the same restriction The 3 pack limit is just for the shirataki noodles.

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          Thanks MoGa....yes last time i went to buy them in chinatown they had sold out! I'm going to really try and use them to lose weight after xmas. They are very filling, so if you stuck to a diet i reckon they could really work.

          1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

            I buy blocks of the regular greyish with black flecks konnyaku from time to time as I appreciate and like the texture but I have no need to lose weight. I think the only way using it could work is if you make appetising food you truly appreciate. Used wisely konnyaku can bulk out dishes you already enjoy so that you feel you are eating bigger portions. That, to me, seems a realistic way of losing weight.
            I do hope you'll try the konnyaku blocks which seem a much better way of fooling your eyes and stomach than using konnyaku noodles as a pasta subsitute. Best of luck!

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        1. Many thanks for all your replies....Am going to check them all out! :)

          1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

            I love the idea of these noodles. My husband said he ate them a lot while living in Japan, where they are (or were) very popular, but also mentioned they are very bland. Let us know how you cooked the noodles and with what! I'm going to try them, too. They aren't bean curd as someone mentioned they might be. I think they come from a special plant.

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              Oh June..methinks I'll be asking you for recipes...I'm not the world's greatest cook..I just love eating! But I'll have a'll probably be stir-fries unless more experienced CHs can suggest other things....

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                Husband tell me these noodles are not good in stir-fries. So much for my cooking ability. He says the Japanese eat them in a type of stew with meat or fish. I'll have to rethink all this!

              2. re: zuriga1

                Yes, they are not beancurd, but I remember in Sichuan Cookery, Fuchsia Dunlop refers to a dish of duck with konyakku "beancurd" - I think it's one of those typical Chinese ingredient-masquerading-as-something-else type things.

                1. re: Sharmila

                  It does sound a lot more appetising to call it beancurd rather than some unknown plant!

                  1. re: Sharmila

                    I think stir-fries are probably the best way to use the noodles. That's what I'll do first unless DH has some better ideas. Maybe we will lost a stone or two. :-)

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              1. If you're not thinking of using konnyaku in soups I would definitely suggest the block version of this food.
                There are a lot of suggestions on the Just Hungry/Just Bento websites:
                I think the block version suits stir fries much better than shirataki noodles. I cook with it occasionally when I want the texture. Last time I bought it was as an addition to Okonomiyaki, I also use it in oden. Whichever you choose you'll need to rinse them thoroughly as they can give off an unpleasant smell.

                Rather than konnyaku for low calorie noodles have you tried making tagliatelli out of courgettes? Just use a potato peeler or cheese slicer and slice into thin strips, sprinkle on some salt and leave them to drain for twenty minutes (this will firm them up) and then rinse and dump them into boiling water for 1.5 minutes and carefully rinse with cold water (again, this will keep them firm). I'm pretty sure you'll like this better as a noodle/pasta alternative to shirataki.

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                  Thanks for the good ideas and link. My reply saying that my husband suggested not using the noodles in stir-fries was taken out of the thread. :-( He said the Japanese use the noodles in stews of chicken or fish.