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Vietnamese Sandwiches on Slaughter

sqwertz Nov 23, 2011 06:51 AM

There's a new food trailer on Slaughter at the "Chapparal Food Court" (I think that's what they call it) selling Vietnamese food. I haven't been there yet, but it has a few 5-star reviews on Yelp (not that that means much - the typical Elite <cough> crowd can be a quite useless).

Pho, sandwiches, egg and summer rolls. It's on the south side of Slaughter approximately between Marry Moore and Great Britain (halfway between First and Manchaca). This also makes it the closest restaurant to my house so it gets bonus points already for that AND serving my favorite food (banh mi).

It is the only food trailer there right now. I hope it's good and that it stays because it's about friggin time we had banh mi south of the river (Lulu's doesn't count). I may try it today if they're open when I go by, otherwise it will be very soon at which time I'll report back. Feel free to beat me to it :-)


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  1. tokyomonamour RE: sqwertz Nov 23, 2011 07:54 AM

    Thanks for the news. I've been wondering when some good bahn mi would hit my area. I tried Lux Bakery but didn't like it (plus all their cupcakes had mint flavoring in them). Please report your findings.

    Lux Bakery and Cafe
    3601 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78749

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      addlepated RE: sqwertz Nov 23, 2011 10:25 AM

      Have you tried the banh mi at T&N Cafe in Oak Hill? They're really good. Their pho is tasty, too.

      T&N Cafe
      6705 US Highway 290 W, Oak Hill, TX 78735

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        knightro98 RE: addlepated Nov 26, 2011 04:24 PM

        Yes, awesome pho at T&N! I get take out there once a week.

        T&N Cafe
        6705 US Highway 290 W, Oak Hill, TX 78735

        1. re: addlepated
          sqwertz RE: addlepated Nov 27, 2011 09:30 PM

          I don't go to Oak Hill. I don't drive so that is way off the beaten path. I did try and go to the above mentioned place on Wednesday but there was no indication whether they were open (or closed) so I did not stop. Unlike people in cars, when I get off the bus and a place isn't open when they should be, I'm not a very happy person waiting 30-40 minutes for the next bus. This is why I don't patronize food trailers. They're flaky, can't commit to being open on set days or hours, and often move around town daily (or nightly). Homey don't play these games. I usually only patronize real businesses, not Austin Slackermobiles.


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