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Nov 23, 2011 06:05 AM

Butternut Squash residue on hands solution

I found the solution to the drying film of butternut squash residue! You know, the stuff on your hands that Stays there?

After cubing two large butternut squashes, my hands were covered with the super-gluey residue that comes with the job. What couldn't be washed off with soap and nail brush remained, a thin, drying, cracking, totally annoying film. Forget trying Lava, facial peach pit exfoliant, olive oil, alcohol.

One day later and after no success Googling the issue, I tried the pumice tool that is made for removing foot calluses. Ta-Da. Follow with lotion. ( In the future, I may try using gloves to avoid the problem)

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  1. Coconut oil seemed to help my residue. My issue was peeling cucumbers bought at a local farmer's market.

    1. I just use kitchen gloves. The film is waaaay too annoying to deal with and I've made my peace with wearing 50's housewife gloves when I process squash.

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      1. re: DrMag

        I'm with you on that!!! I've never experienced the film because I read here the benefits of using gloves before processing. I use disposable gloves and don't have any issues.

      2. Lemon juice / vinegar followed by hot water softens the residue, then you can just scrape it off easily with your nails

        1. Use packing tape and stick it to your takes several pieces but it will almost all come off!! I got 90% or more off within about 10 mins using it...seemed to work best on towel-dried hands.

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            First aid gloves - the fit is tight so you can still maneuver and no residue.

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              In the future I will definitely be using gloves, but this was my first time and I had no idea this was going to happen. :) crazy!

              1. re: jaimeboz

                Thanks for the tips, everyone! I've nearly sanded my skin off in the past with highly abrasive sponges.