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Nov 23, 2011 05:44 AM

Ambler - Kid friendly dinner?

I am having company from out of town. Is there somewhere in Ambler I can take them that is reasonably priced and acceptable for an active 3 year old?

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  1. You are lucky to have quite a few choices in Ambler. The first one that comes to mind is From The Boot, an italian restaurant on Butler Pike. The Shanachie, and irish pub is also good for little kids and is quite family friendly. Down the ways a bit Phil's Tavern is a great family restaurant with decent reasonably priced food.

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      Just to let folks doing searches know (that's how I found out), the Schanachie pub is closed, as of April 2012. Too bad. I was looking forward to trying it when we'll be in the area next weekend.

    2. We always see lots of families with kids at Fireside, good food, reasonable. Lots of choices for everyone.

      1. Ditto the suggestions by cwdonald and cava. I'd also add Massa and Cantina Feliz... if you go for lunch or a very early dinner. As the mother of a very crazy two year old, dinner time is rough unless you go super casual. You can add a few nicer restaurants to the mix if you go during off hours.

        1. I just had the strangest From the Boot Experience; strange as in we'll never eat there again.

          The manger/host met us enthusiastically and seated us. 10 mins later no server; 15 mins later no server. Got up to leave and suddenly bread and water appeared. The food was good but the service was so bad and the waitress' hair was so in the food we quickly decided we'll never go back.

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            That's disappointing to hear. The last time we were there the service was so-so, but not bad enough to make us not go back. Did you mention this to the manager?

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              We intended to as he was making the rounds of the tables; but then he was nowhere to be seen when we were leaving.

              As I said, it was odd. When the waitress did finally appear, she didn't introduce herself, welcome us, etc. She just showed up and asked if we wanted anything to drink besides water and did we know what we wanted to order. I should also add that this was following a matinee at the Ambler, so it was early (5:00), so it wasn't a case of Friday night crush.

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                Since I had heard so much positive feedback on FtB, and not wanting to judge from one visit, we tried it again today. Another girls out matinee at the Ambler Theater. Can you believe we got the same waitress? She was more timely in her arrival this time, but her unsecured hair was still dangerously close to the water glasses she brought to the table. Again, no welcome, just asking if we wanted anything besides water and did we know what we wanted to order. One person asked what the muffaletta was and her answer--"a sandwich, all our sandwiches are served on hoagie rolls." (After seeing a sandwich served to the next table? Nope, not a hoagie roll.) I'd e-mail the restaurant, but since the server never gave her name and since there are perfectly acceptable choices nearby, I'll go elsewhere.

                Shaking my head at why this place is popular.

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                  Just curious, but what kind of tip did you leave on both occasions?

                  1. re: george2

                    I am genetically unable to leave less than 20% . . . ridiculous, I know.

            2. You definitely have to add Forest and Main to the kid friendly places in Ambler. Small menu, but I have seen them be very accommodating for children. First time I went in there, one of the brewers was there with his child. Next time I was in there, a couple was eating with their newborn. There is no children's menu however.